The Howla Team

Aaron Leupp


Aaron Leupp has been featured in Fox News, Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Entrepreneur Magazine and more for his success on helping put startups like Uber and Postmates on the map and beyond. He plans to do the same with his passion, eSports,  hoping to bring it all the way to the Olympics. His long term Gary Vaynerchuk-type goal is to make enough money off these projects so he can finally fund and executive produce the first real life-style Pokemon Feature Film he co-wrote with his childhood friend that passed away from cancer at a very young age.

Nick “DiscoSheep” Geracie


Everything changed for Nick “DiscoSheep” Geracie in 2014 when he turned on his first LCS broadcast. Coming from a traditional sports background, seeing the level of Riot Games production value stunned DiscoSheep. He had some knowledge of the Super Smash Bros. Melee scene and played semi-pro Call of Duty 4 in the mid-2000s, but this was worlds away from what League of Legends was doing to western eSports.

After becoming a full-on eSports fanatic over the years, DiscoSheep started his eSports writing career in the summer of 2016, covering the NA LCS Summer Playoffs for the San Jose Mercury News. After subscribing to the life of a musician for 16 years, DiscoSheep did not expect to follow in his father’s footsteps of sportswriting—well, eSports writing.

Upon partnering with Aaron Leupp, DiscoSheep co-founded HOWLA eSports in hopes of providing a central hub for all fans of eSports and gaming.

Schieler Mew

CTO/Web Developer

Schieler Mew is our tech hands and circa 2004 video game enthusiast. While he may not understand what a see gee ess oh is or how to properly use an LoL without laughing out loud – you can catch him dazzling hylian princesses with his big blue ocarina or shell shocking bowser around the dangerous corners of Peach Beach on any given day.

Craig “Wrath” Rathgeber

Managing Editor/Operations

Wrath is a writer, photographer, and avid eSports fan. Their interests beyond gaming include astronomy, coffee, and politics. Wrath mains Caitlyn in League of Legends, and is an unabashed Doublelift/FORG1VEN fangirl.

Jon “RageCageRN” Bray

Senior Writer/Overwatch Analyst

Jon “RageCageRN” Bray has been a gamer all his life. RageCage is a jack of all trades, having gotten his start in the arts through music, then becoming an ER nurse, and finally making his dream transition into the world of competitive eSports. Throughout all of his various adventures RageCage has been playing competitive video games, starting off with Starcraft, playing League of Legends for five years, where he got his introduction to competitive eSports, and following Overwatch since Beta. RageCageRN now heads the Overwatch department at HOWLA eSports.

RageCageRN plays true to his nursing roots and favors support/healer positions in all games. His Overwatch mains are Mercy, Ana, and Zarya. Still active in League of Legends Solo Queue, he mains Support Morgana, Leona, and Braum.

Sam “Spinput” Katz

Senior Writer/Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Analyst

Sam “Spinput” Katz started playing Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike: Source casually in middle school, watching pro TF2 but not paying attention to the professional side of Counter Strike until ESL One: Cologne 2014. After witnessing the players’ inhuman reactions and the electric final between NiP and Fnatic, Spinput was hooked. With parents that thought video games were a waste of time, he played and watched whenever he could. He spent 6 months of 2016 living in New York, then moved to Santa Barbara, California at the end of the year where he plans to start his college education.

Tory Taranova


Tory Taranova’s delve into the world of gaming began when she discovered N64 classic The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, at a young age.

Taranova works as an actor in Hollywood, but has retained a fascination with gaming industry, especially with the rampant growth of esports in North America over the past few years.

Taranova made her return to the world gaming this spring, hosting the pilot episode for HOWLA’s Esports/Gaming News Broadcast.

Brian “BadLuckBrain” Chatfield

Senior Writer/League of Legends Analyst

Having always had a passion for video games, it seemed almost like destiny for Brian to find his profession to be associated with them as well. Like many people, Brian started on video games from a very young age on the Super Nintendo just playing Mario. Since then the video gaming world has seen immense change, and for most it has been difficult to keep up.

Later on, he finally discovered League of Legends and suddenly gaming became more of a lifestyle than just a hobby. Immediately he was hooked and ground hours upon hours to get better and to learn more about the game with the hopes of eventually playing alongside his idols in the professional scene.

After learning more about the game than anybody around him Brian decided it was time to do more than just learn, and began to help other people learn the game too. After over a year of volunteer coaching and writing posts on Facebook to teach other players about League, he was finally approached with a chance to reach even higher in the LoL community. Nick Geracie and Aaron Leupp gave him the opportunity of a lifetime to work with Howla Esports and spread his knowledge of the game to people all over the world.

Matt “The Magic Meat Man” Nellans


Hello, I am The Magic Meat Man, and I write the HOWLA eSports’ League Stuff Explained column. I’ve always liked understanding video games—not just playing them and trying to win, but taking a bit more of an analytical approach. I am here to learn and educate players about League of Legends concepts at both the solo queue and competitive level. I hope to one day be a professional analyst for League of Legends.

James “Hørizøn” Compani

Senior Writer

My name is James “Hørizøn” Compani. I have been an active member of the PC gaming community for quite some time. I have always strived to be the best at what I do, whether it be in video games or life endeavors. I started playing Gunz the Duel at an extremely young age, and reached number 1 in the world on Ijji Gunz for quite some time. After that game started to die down, I found myself playing my one true love: League of Legends. This game has broadened my horizons in more ways than anyone can imagine. My passion for the game is what keeps me going, and I can’t wait to see where the scene takes us.

Morgan “Glorifyd” Caperon


Glorifyd has been a competitive gamer since his first Halo 3 Tournament, in 2007. Since then, Glorifyd has reached Rank 1 in Dawngate and competed on multiple semi-Pro Dawngate, League of Legends, and World of Warcraft PvP teams. His catchphrase is “Hi I’m Glory” and he plays one of the best Elises NA.

Calen “Elekktric” Fitzsimmons


Hi, I’m Calen “Elekktric” Fitzsimmons, and I have been a passionate member of the competitive gaming community for some time. From the glory days of playing on a team for Battlefield 3 to digging out of the trenches of Elo Hell in League of Legends, I am extremely passionate about what gaming is all about and optimistic about its future.

I love all kinds of movies; especially ones that make you think. While I do have fun with the explosions in Transformers and the Vin Diesel “one liners” in Fast and Furious, nothing is more meaningful than seeing something like Oscar winner La La Land question your purpose in life. With the stories I write, I hope to deliver thought-provoking content that digs deeper into important topics, bringing a fresh perspective. I am thankful to share my thoughts on what is currently happening in the scene with others as I hope one day North America will see eSports the same way regions like Korea do.

Ruby “Lyra” Layne


After seeing Imagine Dragons perform in Korea for the 2014 League of Legends World Championship, Lyra was blown away by how massive the world of Esports has become.  Since then she has delved into this world, exploring everything from cosplay to competitive play.  To Lyra,  video games are the great equalizer, an even playing field where anyone across the world can fight to be a champion.  Lyra is particularly interested in diversity and positive representation in gaming. Lyra is excited to be a part of the Howla team and looks forward to creating media that represents the many faces of gamers.

Joe “GANGI” Gangi


In 1994, at 5 years old I got my hands on the 1989 Original Nintendo Gameboy and a Pokemon Red cartridge. It was this moment I fell in love with gaming and the endless possibilities that come with it.

I have played thousands of video games and my knowledge spans over hundreds of genres.

My favorite game console is the Super Nintendo (SNES)

I have 20 years of gaming knowledge.