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The detailed precision of 3D Printers is unmatched when it comes to making intricate masks or small engravings on a prop. 

3D Printing adds a whole new dimension to Cosplay props.

We take a look at artists who are taking cosplay to a whole new level:

LULZBOT 3D Printer in action.
LULZBOT 3D Printer in action.

 LumeCluster.com – Dreamer Regalia Armor

3D Printed Costume 1
Dream Armor – LumeCluster.com

LumeCluster.com created a 3D Printed Masterpiece in under 220 hours. A piece dedicated to dreamers around the globe.

From the artist’s words:

“The Shapeways-supported Dreamer Regalia covering (with 3D examining gave by Cokreeate) was made to motivate individuals to battle for their inventive desire and to trust we have what it takes to make something astounding. It symbolizes the security for our fantasies and is being made to pay tribute to the Dreamer inside each of us.”

“The Dreamer that needs to offer life to the creative ability, have any kind of effect, change things, push limits, and not fit in with the norm. Performer and Geek and Sundry author Felicia Day had these qualities and the sky is the limit from there, which made her the ideal match for the reinforcement.”

What she knew before the project:

  • 3D modeling
  • Pattern drawing
  • Basic video editing skills
  • Sanding, painting & finishing (video below)

What she had to learn to finish the armor:

  • Costume/figure sketching
  • Creating an armor design that would be easy to put on and take off
  • 3D scanning Felicia Day
  • Recording her creative process
  • Model rendering, materials, shaders, lighting (to create 3D previews before 3D printing)
  • Resin casting
  • Finding LEDs that could be easily hidden in the armor design
  • A bigger spray paint booth

Check out her website: LumeCluster.com

The Modeling in Action:

 James Bruton XRobots – 3D Printed Iron Man’s HulkBuster.

Hulk Buster 3D Printed
Hulk Buster 3D Printed and Assembled – XRobots.co.uk

This is an amazing accomplishment that sets the bar for imagination and construction incredibly high as far as 3D printed costumes are concerned.

The sheer amount of intricate detail that James Burton packed into this piece is inspiring, to say the least.

Following his passion for 3D printed costumes, he was able to leave his day job and do this full time.

His Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/XRobots

James Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/XRobots.co.uk

Finished Costume in person at Defcon V:

XRobots Iron Man Hulkbuster Cosplay 3D Printed and Assembled:

XRobots James Burton – Xenomorph

xenomorph by James Burton

James Burton has done it again with a 3D printed Xenomorph costume which looks sick.

I especially love the detailed printed carvings into the fingers.

The original alien suit in the movie was made from a combination of fiberglass and latex rubber.

James Burton’s Thoughts on the project:

“For this project I’ll be using a Lulzbot TAZ 3D printer. The printer also has a dual extruder fitted which as well as having the standard Greg’s Wade Exturder, also has Lulzbot’s Flexystruder. This has not yet been relased as a product by Lulzbot, but you can get all of the CAD and source from the Lulzbot development site if you wish to build your own—this is know as a FlexyDualie.”

XenoMorph being put together: 

3D Printed Gauntlets of the Witch King of Angmar – Lindy Design Labs

3D Printed Gauntlets
Witch King of Angmar Costume Gauntlets.

A new Youtuber has emerged with an incredible talent for 3D printing.

Lindy is making costumes from her favorite films and it looks quite good.

Support Lindy Design Labs by following below:

Lindy Design Labs Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lindydesignlab/

Witch King of Angmar Costume Video:

Uncle Jessy – 3D Printed Black Panther Mask and Deadpool Mask

Uncle Jessy
Uncle Jessy

Uncle Jessy is a new Youtuber who is making his own super hero masks.

His attention to detail is a talent in itself, and something to strive towards for all of us.

Check out and support his social media pages:

Uncle Jessy Twitter: https://twitter.com/UncleJessy4Real

Uncle Jessy Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UncleJessy4Real

Uncle Jessy Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unclejessy4real/

Dead Pool Mask:

Black Panther Mask:

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