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App deliver

App deliver

Much app deliver, we will mention a few and say a few words about them.

The holiday season brings a surge of consumer business to these new services, which deliver transportation, groceries, packages, restaurant meals, last-minute gifts and that pie you forgot to make for the office party. Many of these capitalize on the so-called sharing economy, where a network of contract workers often use their own vehicles and spare time to deliver whatever your heart desires.

All of the new services are app-enabled, aggregating demand on mobile devices but fulfilling that demand through offline services, giving the consumer or small business one less chore to do when time is at a premium.

App deliver – Transportation, groceries, liquor, shipping, meals and more can be delivered via app-enabled companies

Coming on the heels of Uber and Lyft launching their ride-hailing services in 2014, this year brought a flood of new options. That including the expansion of fast-growing companies such as Instacart for groceries. Also Caviar for restaurant food, Shyp for packages and Postmates for, well, just about anything. It even including wrapping paper you just ran out of. Need a drink and need it now? Klink, Minibar or Thirstie will deliver the party to you. One of the most recent on-demand entries in Miami is Amazon Prime Now’s two-hour delivery service.

The promise of connecting mobile users with services through the click of an app has attracted more than $14 billion of venture capital into the on-demand economy. It was since 2010, according to research firm CB Insights. About $8.3 billion of that total has flowed into the sector in the first three quarters of this year. Also with more than $6.6 billion in the on-demand heavyweights Uber and Airbnb. Some other notable fund-raises this year from companies that also service the Miami area. It is Lyft’s with $530 million Series E round, Postmates’ $80 million Series D and Shyp’s $50 million Series B.

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