App para delivery

App para delivery

The food-delivery industry is a $10 billion business, according to Morgan Stanley estimates. The food-delivery industry only growing and also there are billions of dollars to be invest in delivery space.

So, we tried the 9 most popular food-delivery apps in America — and the winner is clear – Postmates! Postmates is unique among delivery services in that in the 70+ U.S. cities where it operates, it will actually shuttle nearly anything (not just food) from a store or restaurant to a customer’s door. In 2011, Postmates co-founder and CEO Bastian Lehmann told CBNC he was inspired by the question, “‘What if you can use the city as a warehouse?’

The holiday season brings a surge of consumer business to these new services, which deliver transportation, groceries, packages, restaurant meals, last-minute gifts and that pie you forgot to make for the office party. Many of these capitalize on the so-called sharing economy, where a network of contract workers often use their own vehicles and spare time to deliver whatever your heart desires.

App para delivery – Transportation, groceries, liquor, shipping, meals and more can be delivered via app-enabled companies

The promise of connecting mobile users with services through the click of an app has attracted more than $14 billion of venture capital into the on-demand economy. It was since 2010, according to research firm CB Insights. About $8.3 billion of that total has flowed into the sector in the first three quarters of this year. Also with more than $6.6 billion in the on-demand heavyweights Uber and Airbnb. Some other notable fund-raises this year from companies that also service the Miami area. It is Lyft’s with $530 million Series E round, Postmates’ $80 million Series D and Shyp’s $50 million Series B.

Postmates – excellent decision!

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