Avangar, The Underrated CIS Squad

If Avangar were given the opportunity to attend more tournaments like Natus Vincere, this team could become a top 10 team. This Kazakstan squad is a consistent face at the major. The team find themselves in constant darkhorse monikors. Avangar have an opportunity in the Legends Stage to make a deep run at the Starladder Berlin major. While many continue to underrate this CIS squad, they are unlike other teams in their region. They are not inconsistent like Natus Vincere at times. All this team needs to succeed and become a Tier 1 team is more invites.


This team nearly made the top 16 stage of the ELEAGUE Major before losing in the decider match against Team Liquid. However, this team did not stop at the ELEAGUE Major. Avangar remain present at every single major after that point. They missed out on top 8 status at IEM Katowice because of their low seed amongst teams at the event. This team is underrated because of how little this team attends. In 2019, IEM Katowice was their only premier event they attended. Having not been invited to others or being unable to qualify through the last chance qualifier, this team sparingly plays in events. However, this team seems to always exceed expectations placed on them as a team.

In their post-game interview after qualifying for the Champions Stage, their head coach states that they viewed 20 demos of Overpass for Team Liquid. Not only is that dedication to understand a map to that caliber, but that is a match made in heaven in a best of one setting. Team Liquid are currently the best team in the world. THeir best map is prolificly known to be Overpass. To have their card like that means you understand that map to a tee. A lot is going for this Avangar squad.

Avangar are moving forward to play in the Mercedes Benz Arena to a crowd bigger then they could ever imagine. More importantly, they will be at the next major and skip the New Challenger’s Stage. Depending on how Natus Vincere perform in their game against Cr4zy, there could only be one CIS team in the New Champions Stage. What would be a shock tomany is that it is not Natus Vincere. Instead, it is the underrated Kazakhstan team that is since taking over the mantle of Gambit as the secondary CIS team. Only now, given the recent form of Natus Vincere, could now pose as the best CIS team.

Apart from the major earlier in 2019, Avangar have not attended a single S Tier event. Avangar need more experience at Tier One Tournaments to really become the team they would like moving forward. It was not until Gambit Gaming won in Krakow that they recieved more tournament invites. I beleive this team can reach that point. The point of recieving more tournament invites. THis team is not like other CIS teams. They are not a team that made it to top 8 through cheese. This team has vods that teams can study While not many, it is not a situation like Quantum Bellator Fire in 2018. This team is the most consistent CIS team outside of NAVI. They have a true leader with Adren after his stint on Faze Clan. They have one of the best AWPing IGL’s in Jame and an amazing ensemble to wrap up their core. Everybody in this team has a role.

If this team were to recieve more tournament invites, their play may drop. However, it would not drop drastically compared to other teams given more tournament showings. A moderate amount of tournament invites would give this team more experience in bigger arenas and fill their season with more than just the major. This team’s qualification through to the New Champion’s Stage proves that. They are not a team to be pushed to the wayside. They will put in the prep that is necessary to continue improving. They have mechanically sound players that can keep up with the worlds best and they are a young team. The core of Jame, Buster and Qikert have been playing together since 2017. Having grown alongisde eachotehr as players, Adren and Sanji provide support this talented core needed.

Avangar will move forward into the New Champions Stage where their opponent is yet to be decided. However, they will have the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the moment. They can watch the remaining six teams compete for three spots as they can prepare to make a wave in Top 8. While a lack of stage inexperience may kill this team, that experience is unparamount. Their understand of how to properly prep is uncanny. Avangar are on the rise as the new premier CIS squad. Their qualification into top 8 is not a fluke and the remainder of 2019 will become a big year for this team as more invites and recognition are sure to follow this team.

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