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This is a breakdown of the most epic Blizzard Cosplayers in 2016.

These Cosplayers have showcased incredible costumes and  stunning dedication to Blizzard Characters.

Watch the best cosplay of Blizzcon 2016:

Blizzcon 2016
Blizzcon 2016

5. Cynthia Hall cosplaying as Elune

Dritter Platz Cynthia Hall als „Elune
Cynthia Hall
Elune 2
Elune Cosplay

A stunning cosplay as the goddess Elune from World of Warcraft. Layers of brilliant fabrics shimmer and glitter together.

The colors of the costume blend together wonderfully: belts, trinkets and the amazing size of the Cresent moon staff.

Her makeup stands out above the rest. Soft airbrushing of the skin and the celestial look of a Goddess. 

Support and follow her on Twitter at: @Tanilena_Cos

Blizzcon 2016 Cosplay:

4. Steven Scott cosplaying as Grommash.

Steven Scott as "Grommash"
Steven Scott brought home ahead of everyone else at BlizzCon’s outfit challenge this year. He wore a noteworthy Grommash Hellscream troupe at the occasion, made by Mike Biasi.

He invested months chipping away at the huge ensemble inspired by one of the central figures of the Horde in World of Warcraft.

He shaped each bit of the work without any preparation, from the head, to the belt clasp, to the reinforcement, to the torso piece, utilizing chavant for dirt.

You can see two or three in-advance pictures beneath.

Orc Costume:

3. Oshley O’Neil cosplaying as Varian

Oshley O'Neil as "Varian"
Oshley O’Neil as Varian

Oshley is an amazing cosplayer from Canada who is extremely passionate about her craft.

Please support her social media outlets as she creates stunning new cosplay at an amazing pace!

Oshley Deviant Art:

Oshley Instagram:

Oshley Twitter:

Oshley Facebook:

Oshley Working on her cosplay: 

2. Alicia Bellemy cosplaying as Arthas.

Fourth place Alicia Bellemy as "Arthas"
Alicia Bellemy as “Arthas”

Prop Maker, Armor Builder, overall bad ass? Check, check and check.

Alicia’s skills as a cosplayer are unmatched, her attention to detail is great.

Alicia has got the looks and the style to put other cosplay to shame. 

Support here cosplay by liking and following her social media below:

Alicia Facebook:

Her Website:

Check out her amazing cosplay content here:



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Mineralblu has surprised and stunned fans all around the world with their cosplay.

It is no wonder they have such a massive following thanks to the incredible cosplay they have employed over the years. The attention to the detail is key, you miss that and you miss the costume.

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Check out overall the Blizzard 2016 Cosplay:

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