C9 vs TSM: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

A tale as old as time, Cloud9 vs TSM faced off in week six of The League Championship Series in what was a highly anticipated bout between two of North America’s greatest organisations. Cloud9 were looking to keep their winning streak alive after taking down Team Liquid last week. Kumo would remain in the starting line-up for Cloud9 and be ready to be put to the sword by Broken Blade.


TSM was on the clock after picking a lethality pick composition with a Rumble in the mid lane for Bjergsen, this was the first time Rumble had played in the mid lane in the LCS this season after making its appearances in leagues across the world. TSM rushed out to an early advantage after some huge misplays from the boys in blue. TSM went out to a staggering 8K gold lead by the 20-minute mark.


Cloud9 historically have always displayed a never say die attitude, Cloud9 has always shown you will have to take their nexus if you want to actually take them down otherwise they will find a way to win. As seen in their previous regular-season encounter against TSM. This game was no different with the former worlds semi-finalists finding key fights to claw their way back into the game and put TSM under immense pressure. 


Cloud9 were able to find picks time and time again and Kumo was able to use his Aatrox ultimate to storm into the TSM base and take home the victory for C9. This was a game C9 should be expecting to win based on their draft. C9’s composition severely out scaled TSM’s poke comp and was able to eventually find fights the later the game went on.


This was a must-win game for Cloud9, they are currently sitting one game behind Team Liquid and currently own the head to head record on TL after taking them down earlier in the spring split. This was why the TSM game was so crucial for C9 as if they steady the course and win their remaining games, taking down TL in the process they will finish first in the regular season on their head to head record. 


This would have huge implications for Cloud9 as they march their way into the playoffs, this would be the first C9 have finished first in the regular season since spring 2017. Cloud9 were placed into second in the spring split after losing to TL on the head to head record. Assuming C9 TSM and TL are still the big three, then C9 will need to take first place in the regular season if they are hoping for an easier run to the finals. This bodes well for Cloud9’s world championship invitation as if they are able to face off against TL in the finals then they would automatically qualify for the World Championship.

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