Caviar coupon promo code

Caviar coupon promo code

Get whatever food you want from any restaurant!


There’s so many good restaurants out there, and if you live in a bigger city there tend to be even more. And the market’s only getting better, because now food delivery has gone techno. If you want to try out this awesome service, use the Caviar app and enter your Caviar coupon promo code for even more savings!

caviar coupon promo code
Caviar’s menu is easy to navigate; browse hundreds of restaurants in seconds!

How does the Caviar app work?


  • Caviar is usable as a smartphone app, and it can be downloaded on either Apple or Android devices. You can also use it as a website by clicking here. After that, you can use it at any time to find a restaurant in you area you want food from. You will also want to edit your account at some point, and enter some important details. These include things like payment details, because the app will not work without a card to charge on file.
  • Once you’re ready to make your first delivery, you hit the Pickup button. If you’re wondering whether it’s available in your city, the app will tell you, or you can look it up on their website. Once you’ve picked your place of choice, click on an image from the menu to add it to your order. The shopping bag icon is there for when you want to finish up your order.
  • If you haven’t yet put your profile together, this is when you will be prompted to do it. This includes things like your name, delivery address, payment information, and so on.
  • Once you’ve confirmed your order, you will be able to track your courier through GPS, and even see an itemized receipt. Don’t forget to use your Caviar coupon promo code to save on your first order!

What does Caviar cost me?

There are two fees that come into play here: delivery fee, and service fee. The delivery fee can be as little as zero dollars. This depends on things like specials at the time, the value of your Caviar coupon promo code, and proximity of the restaurant. It also depends on whether you set your order for self-takeout, or delivery. But it’s typically anywhere from $2.99 to $8.99. The service fee, however, is always the same: 18 percent.

Caviar coupon promo code
The menu layouts are simple!

What are the perks of using my Caviar coupon promo code?

In my book, the biggest plus to this service is it’s sheer convenience. It’s easy to order, and absolutely effortless after that; just sit back and wait for your food to come. Additionally, the app works with locals who pick up jobs as a courier for the service, so you’re helping regular people get income on the side, or even pay their way entirely.

Furthermore, you only get restaurants listed that have a high rating on the website Yelp (four stars or higher.) Caviar also does not list fast food chains, in an effort to keep courier orders benefitting local restaurant spots instead of lining the pockets of already-rich corporations. So you’ve got nothing to lose by using your Caviar coupon promo code, and saving even more on a new service. Try it out!

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