Cloud9 Summer Adjustments – Kumo Subs In For Week 5

The 2019 Summer Split has been a roller coaster of a ride if you are a Cloud9 fan. With many fans expecting the Worlds Semi-Finalists to be hot out of the gate after an underwhelming playoff run ending in a reverse sweep against TSM. Immediately following Rift Rivals, Cloud9 made the announcement that Licorice will be stepping down from the roster in Week 5 to deal with ongoing wrist injuries. 


Going into Rift Rivals, Cloud9 had suffered 3 defeats in their last four games most notably to 100Thieves who were in dead last at the time. Despite a strong start to the season going undefeated early on, there were signs of the old C9 creeping into play. In the past Cloud9 would historically drop random games to teams they should not be losing to, ultimately impacting where they would finish at the end of the split.


In Spring C9 would tie Team Liquid for first place with a 14-4 record, whilst this is an impressive achievement their only losses were to TL, Echo Fox and CLG. Two of those teams were in the bottom half of the table, meaning if C9 picks up a single victory against either of those teams then they would have dodged TSM in the playoffs. Whilst this is no excuse for many C9 fans, they are always left wanting that extra bit more which they know the team are more than capable of.


Cloud9 were able to pick up a win against CLG who are currently tied for first place alongside C9 and Team Liquid. Unfortunately for C9 news broke out regarding their players getting extremely sick before and during the event, leading to Blaber substituting into the Mid lane and Svenskeren playing support for a couple of their games. C9 did not win a single game at Rift Rivals and left many fans scratching their heads. 


Shortly after Rivals, Licorice made the shocking announcement that he was dealing with serious wrist injuries and Kumo would be taking his place on the starting roster. This lead to a mixed reception from the media after Licorice made a tweet longer in which he stated he had asked to skip Rift Rivals but the roster was already locked so he had to play. The other half of the coin I.E Cloud9 fans were excited for Kumo to finally get his big chance after barely playing a game for Cloud9 Academy this split. 


Kumo’s first big test was against newly formed rivals Team Liquid and Impact in the top lane. Kumo had an impressive game against Team Liquid, even getting solo Kills onto Impact and former academy teammate Jensen. Kumo was a crucial part in Cloud9’s victory over Team Liquid and kept Kumo’s 100 Percent record in the LCS intact. 


Kumos next matchup was against another former SKT top laner in Huni and Clutch Gaming. This Game Kumo had a tough time in the top lane after being on the back end of Huni’s pocket pick Cassiopeia, Kumo would fall to a large CS deficit but was able to play his role in setting up ganks for Svenskeren and Nisqy. Cloud9 were able to pick up the victory and move into first place in the standings. It will be interesting to see how Kumo plays if he is to return to the starting roster for Week 6, C9 play TSM and Echo Fox.

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