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curve promo code

Nowadays online money payment become very popular. Just swipe your card and all it’s done. You don’t need to count the spare money or losing the money unintentionally. There are so many companies that provides card to their user. But Curve connects all your accounts with a single app and a single smart card. The curve card simplifies the financial complexities of its user. This company is launched in 2015. The idea of curve came up with Shachar Bialick who is also acting as the CEO. Curve is currently available in 31 country. And, according to crunchbase it has now $74.2M of total funding amount.

Service From Curve

Curves connects all the cards to one account. So it gives you the opportunity to spend money wherever a MasterCard is accepted. It also works abroad. You can save up to 5% on hidden bank fees. You will also get cashback offers on purchases from certain retailers. This apps encrypts payment data of customers. It has an interesting feature called “Go back in time”. It allows you to move any completed transaction from one account to another. If you upgraded to curve black version for £9.99, you’ll have worldwide travel and electronic gadget insurance. If you recommend your friend to use curve, you’ll get 500 point and then it translates to £5. 

There are 2 types of curve cards. There’s benefit, features and charges are given 

Curve Promo Code

Our howla team did not find any curve promo code in google and reddit also. But there are some deals available in Independent and in Wackycoupon. We think those may help you to save your money. Furthermore, we are looking for their coupons. Just after they publish the coupons, we will update here.

How to Use Curve Promo Code?

First click ‘Get Code’ to get the free promo code and open the Curve website. Then enter your mobile number and click ‘Download Curve’. Then open the apps and create new account. After providing necessary information you’ll get a voucher code box. Then click next and confirm your identity. Then you’ll have that offer. 


Curve is an application as well as a Mastercard that lets you seamlessly use all of your accounts via a single card to help track spending. Curve also lets you change the card used for past purchases and automatically categorizes your transactions to help with budgeting. If you have confusions about spending money and keeping so many cards issue, then Curve is your best option to choose. 

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