DBFZ World Tour – The Largest DragonBall Event Ever

DragonBall FighterZ is not only the best DragonBall game to ever exist, but it has catalyzed community participation on a global scale.

The DBFZ World Tour is the World Championship of DragonBall FighterZ. The most recent ArcSys effort has taken the Fighting Game Community by storm, attracting FGC members from multiple different games and regions. The United States and Japan currently possess the lion’s share of the elite talent. This is mostly in part to their proficiency in the Marvel, Street Fighter and anime fighter communities.

Let’s break down the DBFZ World Tour, its place in the Dragonball FighterZ community, and the current holders of the Dragon Balls as we get closer to the Finals.

The Format

The tournament’s format is set to reflect a competition for the seven Dragon Balls. Seven “Saga” Events headline the format and take place in various parts of the world. The locations are an educated estimation of where Goku and his friends originally found the Dragon Balls.

Throughout the tournament’s eight month run, several “Dragon Radar” events have been hosted by Twitch. There are both offline and online Dragon Radar Events. The winner of Dragon Radar Events will receive a paid invitation to a Saga Event of their choice.

The Dragon Radar system gives every single player, and not just travelers or sponsored pros, a chance to win it all.

In the FGC, a top 8, top 16, or even a top 32 finish can be something that a player is proud of, but on the DBFZ World Tour, there is only glory for the winners, and with it, the Dragon Balls.

The eighth and final spot in the Finals of the World Tour will be decided in the Last Chance Qualifier.  The Last Chance Qualifier is a tournament that will take place just before the Finals, and the format will not be decided until the end of the event.

The format of the Last Chance Qualifier is entirely dependent on the amount of Dragon Ball holders following the conclusion of the Saga Events. If each of the seven Dragon Balls are held by seven different competitors, entrants of the LCQ will compete for the eight spot in the bracket for the DBFZ World Tour Finals.

If one player wins all seven Saga Events and possesses all seven Dragon Balls, then the winner of the Last Chance Qualifier will face off against them in a 1-on-1 Grand Final. However, for every Dragon Ball holder who wins more than one Saga Event, there is an additional Last Chance Qualifier. There are no limit to the amount of Last Chance Qualifiers a player can enter, but players who already possess Dragon Balls are prohibited from entering.

The Story Thus Far

The DBFZ World Tour kicked off at CEO 2018 in Daytona, Florida. Team Godsgarden’s Ryota “Kazunoko” Inoue took the 1 star Dragon Ball. He dazzled the competition with his innovative Yamcha anchor and punching his ticket to the Finals.

The 2 star Dragonball awaited competitors in Scotland. Versus Fighting UK would be championed by Dominique “SonicFox” McLean. The fighting game prodigy and Echo Fox ace took that momentum and won EVO 2018 to become the current DragonBall FighterZ world champion.

The 3 star Dragon Ball was the prize waiting for the winner of Ultimate Fighting Arena 2018 in Aubervilliers, France. EVO 2018 runner-up and pride of CYCLOPS athlete gaming  Goichi “GO1” Kishida. G01 lost the first set of Grand Finals in a sweep to NRG Esports’ Eduardo “HookGangGod” Deno. However, GO1 had started the series in Winners. He did not falter twice, and reversed the sweep.

It was only a matter of time before G01’s legendary defense would put a Dragon Ball in his hands. Fortunately for HookGangGod, he wouldn’t have to wait long for another chance. At Thunderstruck Mexico, HookGangGod found himself up against NRG teammate Steve “Supernoon” Carbajal in the Grand Finals. HookGangGod found redemption in the 4 star Dragon Ball and punched his ticket to the Finals.

The Home Stretch

The most recent DBFZ World Tour event was SEA Major Singapore 2018. Kazunoko became the first fighter in DBFZ World Tour history to secure two Dragon Balls. He reverse swept Naoki “moke” Nakayama in an all-Tokyo Grand Finals. Kazunoko possesses two Dragon Balls, so there is now an additional Last Chance Qualifier for one of the eight seed at the Finals. Because moke was the runner up, he will represent PONOS in the Last Chance Qualifier by paid flight.

The DBFZ World Tour next Saga Event takes place on November 24, in Tokyo, Japan. Fans and competitors will meet at VR Zone Shinjuku to see who will secure the 6 star Dragon Ball. The final Saga Event for the 7 star Dragon Ball takes place place on December 15 in Coburg North, VIC, Australia. The Last Chance Qualifiers takes place on January 26, 2019. The Finals takes place place on January 27, 2019.

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