Your Comprehensive Door Dash Guide for 2019

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Your Comprehensive Guide and Resource to Becoming a DoorDash Driver

People often google “delivery near me.” How would you like to be the one delivering? You get to serve people AND make money! How great is that!? Being a DoorDash driver is simple and fulfilling.  However, we all hate searching endlessly for information. We just want to have it, straight and simple. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive DoorDash driver guide and resource to answer the who, what, when, where, and why–we’ll answer all the important questions to get you started.

So, get ready to dash into this new food delivery driver job fully prepared! We’ve got you covered!

Why Should You Become a DoorDash Driver?

Do you like driving? Do you like money? It’s a simple equation, but to be honest, everyone has their own reason for becoming a DoorDash driver. So, what brought you to this article? Hate your job? Lost your job? Maybe you’re just looking to make a little extra money. No matter the reason, you came to the right place, because, well, that’s DoorDash’s specialty. Getting you a job that you will love–in a dash! DoorDash even acknowledges this on their website when they say:

“People Dash for a variety of reasons: to spend time with their kids, earn extra money, to pay for school, even to exercise and see the world.”

DoorDash is great because it opens up a world (literally) of opportunity–whatever your reason. But beyond just being a job, DoorDash has a variety of amazing benefits. We’ve outlined a few below for Door Dash drivers below:

Work on your schedule – A regular schedule doesn’t work for everybody. DoorDash allows you to work whenever you want–odd hours or regular–whatever days you want. Need to work on Sunday? Do it! Can’t work Tuesday? Don’t! Have an appointment? Go to it and work later! DoorDash givers their drivers the freedom to work on their schedule. Door Dash’s motto is “Your schedule, your rules: Start delivering today and make great money on your own schedule.”

Easy to Go on Vacation – Sometimes, you just need a day off in the middle of the week. Sometimes, family emergencies happen, and you need a couple days off. Sometimes, you want to go on vacation. As a DoorDash driver, all these sometimes can happen. Because your schedule is on your time, you have the freedom to take time off when you decide.

Benefits – If you read our DoorDash promo code article here, you will learn that DoorDash’s motto is “delivering good.” DoorDash collaborates with Stride Health to help DoorDash drivers access affordable health insurance. Go to their website here for more information.

Insurance – DoorDash provides commercial auto insurance. It covers up to $1,000,000 in bodily injury and property damage to third parties when there are accidents while a DoorDash driver is making a delivery in the US.

How Much Do You Make As A DoorDash Driver?

DoorDash drivers get paid a portion of each delivery plus whatever tips you make. You will get paid weekly for every delivery you make from the previous week (Monday-Sunday). You will set up a direct deposit to your bank. According to their website is usually take 2-3 days to appear in your bank account–so Wednesday night.

Before accepting an order, DoorDash will provide you the guaranteed minimum amount of money you will earn for completing a delivery. So really, how quickly you make deliveries and how often you work determines how much you will make. People state that DoorDash drivers make anywhere from $10-$25 per fully working hour.

It’s important to remember that DoorDash drivers are independent contractors, so DoorDash does not withhold taxes. You will have to pay self-employment taxes. If you make more than $600 in a year in the U.S. with DoorDash, you will receive a 1099-MISC form to report your taxes to the IRS. DoorDash helps you reduce the amount of taxes you must pay by connecting you to the Everlance mileage and expense tracker. They provide you with a promo code and more information here.

Who Can Become a DoorDash Driver?

In order to become a DoorDash driver you must meet the following requirements:


  • Be at least 18 years old or older–sorry minors
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Have a clean driving record at the time of application – no suspensions, DUI, reckless driving, homicide, assault, or major traffic violations on your record in the last 7 years. DoorDash notes that speeding tickets and minor violations do not typically cause issues with getting accepted.
  • Have (personal, not commercial) auto insurance.
  • Food delivery drivers cannot have more than 3 accidents or moving violations (other than a major violation) in the last 3 years
  • If you meet the above requirements, DoorDash requires they run a criminal background check.
  • You will also need a smartphone in order to use the DoorDash drivers app.
  • In order to be a DoorDash driver, they also have to serve in your area. They only serve in 300 cities (Compared to GrubHub which serves 2,000! DoorDash has great benefits, but if they don’t serve in your are, check out our GrubHub driver article here.). In order to make sure DoorDash serves in your area, go here. Make sure you actually type in your address, because the list of cities is not complete.

Note: You can also use motorcycles, scooters, bikes, or even walk in some markets. When you sign up you have the ability to choose this. If the option does not appear, contact Door Dash customer service at this link.

How Does DoorDash Delivery Work?

Are you worried about knowing what to do? Don’t be! Delivering with DoorDash is very simple. If you think about it, it’s just like going and getting your own stuff and bringing it home. The only difference is, you bring it to someone else and get paid instead of paying yourself! Just follow the three steps below, and you will be just fine! Being a DoorDash driver is super simple and their app helps you the entire way!

Step 1: Claim the Order

The DoorDash driver app will match you with a delivery. Simply accept the delivery and get ready to start driving to the location. The DoorDash app will navigate you there.

Step 2: Pick up the Order

Once you get to the pickup location, simply pick up the order. It may be ready by the time you get there, but it may take a little time. While you are waiting or while you are driving, you may see requests from other DoorDash orders nearby. If you think it’s a good opportunity, you can get those deliveries too and kill two birds with one stone! Make the most out of your time as a food delivery driver!

The faster you are at delivering food to your customer, the faster you can get to the next delivery. Plus, faster deliveries sometimes receive higher tips and ratings! So, dash!

Step 3: Deliver the Order

Once you have finished picking up the order, the app will navigate you to the drop-off location. Simply follow the instructions. Once you get to the house, office, etc., take the delivery to the customer.

Tip: Be courteous and respectful. You are more likely to get a good rating!

I told you there was nothing to worry about! It’s just like going to a restaurant and picking up your own stuff. Are you ready to become a DoorDash driver? Follow the step by step instructions in the next section.

How to Become a DoorDash Driver?

I’m excited you are ready to become a DoorDash driver! Grab your computer or mobile device and let’s get rolling!

Step 1: Open this link. First, enter your email, phone number, and zip code.

Step 2: On the next page add your first, middle, and last name. Then choose a password.

Step 3: Next, a DoorDash driver is required to fill out information for a background check: A) select your vehicle type, B) add your birthdate, C) enter your social security number.

Step 4: The next steps will provide DoorDash with your address to send you your free Activation Kit.

Step 5: Next, fill out a W-9 for payment information. Once you have finished filling out the W-9, you will receive confirmation that your Activation Kit is on its way.

Step 7: When you receive the Kit DoorDash will guide you through everything. However, if you have any issues or questions, go here.

Conclusions on DoorDash Delivery Driving

We told you we would answer all the questions you had about being a DoorDash driver! Do you feel prepared now? We hope so!

We are excited for you to start your new job! So now, when people google “delivery near me,” they will deliver through DoorDash, and now YOU can help them! I hope you are ready for this fulfilling job! We know what it’s like to hate a job, so being a DoorDash driver is a great option. It allows you to work on your schedule and on your time. Plus, now you don’t have to deal with an irritating boss! Get ready to begin driving to a happy profession!


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