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dostavista promo code

Day by day people are depending on technology very much. And, they are looking for the shortest way to work to reduce time consuming. Again, online shopping platform become very popular and demand able.

DostaVista is that exact stage which makes possible fastest home delivery. Dostavista crowdsourced same-day delivery service. In addition, this company founded in 2012 in Russia by Mike Alexandrovski. And, its present CEO is Dmitry Zubkov. But now this is covering global market. It has started their service to 11 more countries. It is available in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, Russia, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam. According to Crunchbase it has 6 investors
with a $20.1M. Furthermore,  it is on target to hit a $100 million GMV run rate.

Service they offer

Firstly, they are trying to provide ordered products to customers within 90 minutes. They guarantees same-day conveyance fueled by its group of trusted couriers. Again, they have walking and riding courier always available. Any clients can book pressing deliveries at no additional cost. In addition, you don’t have to sign up for any account to get products.  Your phone number and address is enough . And, it allows the opportunity for self-employed freelancers to form additional cash in their save time. Usually too a perfect work for individuals who appreciate cycling and need to keep fit. One can book any product within minute. And, their apps or website allows home delivery without any unnecessary paperwork.

DostaVista Promo Code

Howla team did not find any DostaVista Promo code. But, there are some deals available in quoponcodes that may help you to save some money. And, there is not enough deals and coupons in reddit also.

Conclusion about DostaVista Promo Code

Nowadays online shopping become very reliable to customers. In addition, home delivery service saves a lot of time. But, you only get urgent fastest delivery when you are a premium member of that certain courier service. Here is the specialty of DostaVista. They are giving the premium service for every customer. And, now they are strengthening the global team by additional hiring.

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