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Drizly promo code



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How Drizly promo code can help you


Using a Drizly promo code isn’t just convenient, but can save your party. Perhaps you’ve been involved in this scenario before: Your having an amazing party, where everyone is having a great time. Then you hear it; one of your guests utters those party-killing words: “we’re out of alcohol.” Your guests continue to try and have fun, but with nothing to drink things slow down more and more. Whether no one is sober enough to drive or no one wants to be the alcohol mule, your party slowly begins to tank. But everyone can rest easy, because you have a Drizly promo code, and can order more alcohol right to your door!

Drizly is a website and smartphone app which deals in on-demand alcohol delivery. Sign up on the website or the smartphone app in your phone. Push the order now button, and add the beer, wine, or liquor you want to your order. Enter your Drizly promo code at checkout, and pay your driver right from the Drizly website or phone app. Less than an hour later, your alcohol will be delivered to you!

A Drizly promo code gives you access to all the best brands of liquor, including Jagermeister, Crown Royal, Captain Morgan, Patron, Smirnoff, Jameson, and many more! Prefer beer? Drizlys got you covered, with the biggest brands such as Budweiser, Coors, Corona, Miller, Heineken, Blue moon, and hundreds more! Drizly also delivers an extraordinary range of different wines, from chardonnays, merlots, zinfandels, cabarets, and more. Want something a little different? You can order champagne, pre-mixed shots, sake, mead, cider, and many others.

Drizly also features a wide range of non-alcoholic mixers for the bartender in all of us. Order soft drinks, club sodas, fruit juices, plan bottled water, energy drinks, bitters, garnishes and even plastic cups. They also feature a recipe section, for those who are feeling adventurous and want to give something new a try. Drizly’s order menu had just about everything you need to start a party, keep it going, send someone a gift, or just have a quiet night of sipping your favorite alcoholic drink!

Drizly also leads the pack in safety, with their ID verification technology which they give to partner stores, and they’re the only company to have sought and received blessings from state alcohol regulators. They’re the fastest, with typical delivery times of between 20–40 minutes. They have the largest selection, and the best prices, since they don’t mark up any of the alcohol they deliver. So use a Drizly promo code today and be a party hero!

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