Emjay coupon promo code

Emjay coupon promo code

Buying cannabis online made easy (and cheap) with your Emjay coupon promo code!

Emjay coupon promo codeAre you looking for a fast, reliable way to get cannabis products delivered to your door without having to wait too long? Do you not feel like leaving your house to get some weed or edibles? Are you a first-time buyer and just don’t know where to start? 

Emjay coupon promo code: TRY1

Rest easy, because Emjay has your needs covered. By using their easy-to-use, convenient website, you can get a wide range of cannabis-based products delivered right to your door. And you can get a first-time user’s discount of $5 to $30 off by using our Emjay coupon promo code!

PROMO CODEPromo code valueExpiration date
TRY1$5 to $30 offN/A
TRY2$5 to $30 offN/A
TRY3$5 to $30 offN/A
TRY4$5 to $30 offN/A

Cannabis? Really?

Yep, cannabis! I know what you might be thinking, but rest easy; it’s recreationally legal in California now! And if you’re looking into an Emjay coupon promo code, chances are you live in California, since that’s the area they serve. 

Why would I use Cannabis?

There’s really any number of reasons why someone might decide to partake in a little puff (or pill, or edible, or whatever form you decide to use it in.) Sure, a lot of people use it because they like the ‘high’ that comes from the THC compounds in the dried plant. 

Elon Musk smoking weed
SpaceX founder Elon Musk with a joint. The old stigma of ‘stupid people smoke weed’ is long gone.

However, there are a whole host of known benefits to using cannabis as well. I personally know a few people who were in the army as infantry,but are now retired. And they use Cannabis as a safe, natural way to deal with the pain and emotional/mental distress that they picked up in the line of duty.

But that’s not all, either. Some people use it to help them sleep (something that Indica is known to be good for.) Some people use the CBD extracts from it as a topical pain relief. 

The range of benefits to using Cannabis is…well, there’s so many of them. And if you’re using your Emay coupon promo code TRY1 to get some delivered to your door, you’ll score a first-time user’s discount. Pretty neat, huh?

Why should I use my Emjay coupon promo code?

Again, I know what you might be thinking. ‘Aren’t there already a bunch of other cannabis delivery services out there? What makes this one any better than those?’

Well there are a few things that set Emjay on a higher level than the rest of them.



  • Careful product curation. 
  • First time-user friendliness.
  • They take the onus of responsibility seriously.
  • Discount with your Emjay coupon promo code (duh!)


Careful product curation

Have you ever searched something on Google, and gotten a ton of results that you didn’t want? You likely had to sift through a lot of either unwanted or irrelevant search results in order to find what you were looking for. And even then, if you also just give up and leave your question unanswered.

Well, that’s the case with a lot of those other weed delivery services out there. You get on to look for something, and it’s just product overload. This can be pretty confusing, especially if you are completely new to buying cannabis, and don’t know where to begin. 

That’s why Emjay is better. They carefully select their list of merchandise, so that you are only getting the very best. Everything is clearly laid out on their website, and a simple click on any product that catches you eye will tell you more about it. For example, whether it’s a Sativa-dominant product, an Indica one, or a hybrid of the two. You can see the exact percentage of either, a short description, and of course, the price. And if you’re using your Emjay coupon promo code, that price is even lower!

First-time user friendliness

I remember the first time I was buying cannabis. It was a confusing, and even somewhat scary ordeal. After all, I had already ‘greened out’ from an edible someone had given me, and I was NOT keen on repeating that experience. But there are just so many products, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you.

Well, by using your Emjay coupon promo code you’ll be able to order from their site menu. It’s very clear and cuts through all the nonsense; you’ll be able to find exactly what it is you’re looking for without having to search through a bunch of other stuff first, and buy it with your Emjay coupon promo code.

If you’re a first-timer, you might want something a bit lower on the THC side. Fortunately, as I mentioned before, every product on Emjay’s site has the exact percentages of THC and CBD written there. And if you don’t know how to roll a joint, don’t worry; they sell pre-rolled ones! 

They take the task of safe, responsible selling seriously

When you use your Emjay coupon promo code, you know that you’re dealing with a responsible seller. As they claim on their own website, “they only carry product that they would consume themselves.” They test and verify everything that’s available on their store; no tainted black-market stuff that’ll make you sick. That’s what you get for using your Emjay coupon promo code!

But of course, this safety extends to the drivers they hire as well. Emjay trains every driver that works for them. Every driver must also be at least 21 years old, and pass a DMV and background check; that means valid licenses only. 

Furthermore, they treat their drivers well. It says right on their website that drivers working for Emjay can earn more than they do on other on-demand platforms, AND get discounts and benefits! So when you use your Emjay coupon promo code, you know your courier isn’t being mistreated by the company…not like how some places are rumored to treat them.

Emjay boasts 30 minutes or less delivery time

This one doesn’t need to be explained!

What are you waiting for?

Whether you are a complete beginning to using cannabis, or you’re a seasoned user, you can’t argue with the convenience and overall benefit of a service like Emjay. And by using your Emjay coupon promo code TRY1, you will get anywhere from $5 to $30 off for your first time. So give it a go; you’ve got nothing to lose!

And if you’re looking for more promo codes, be sure to check out some of our other blogs and articles for more discounts. 


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