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If you’ve ever been to a gym (and chances are you have,) then you know how frustrating they can sometimes be. Whether the issue is not enough machines, not enough amenities, or just too many people, bad gym experiences can be a serious dampener on your willpower to keep coming back day after day. Furthermore, if your job or hobby involves a lot of sitting (an unfortunate truth for us gamers,) then working out regularly is even more important.

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However, bad experiences tend to be a thing of the past when it comes to the members who visit Equinox. That’s because the gym makes it all about the customers. And with an Equinox coupon promo code, you can give this place a try for yourself!

What exactly is Equinox?

It’s definitely not your typical gym. The second you walk into one, you can tell that it’s very different from the typical ones like LA Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, especially (ugh) Planet Fitness.

Equinox coupon promo code

Many people would describe Equinox as a ‘luxury fitness center.’ An apt description, if I ever heard one. This is because it’s much more than just a gym. And going there with your Equinox coupon promo code in hand will get you a nice fat discount to try it out with!

But what exactly sets these superstars apart from the rest of the crowd?

The gym

First and foremost. It’s the reason you go in the first place, right? Well, after you’ve used your Equinox coupon promo code you might be going there for a lot more, but we’ll get to that later.

Equinox discount

But as far as the ‘basic necessities,’ they’ve got them in spades. Personally, I’m a big believer in free-weight training, and they’ve got everything I need to be happy and more. Squat rack? Check. Heavy dumbbells? Yep, they’ve got light ones too. Cardio machines for those off-days? Whether you want to run, row, use the elliptical, stepmaster, they’ve got it! Prefer alternate fitness options, like battle ropes, sandbags and others? It’s there! That’s a lot of exercise stuff you get access to with your Equinox coupon promo code!

The extras

Now this stuff is where Equinox really begins to leave it’s competitors in the dust.

Towels. You know how many other gyms ask that you bring your own towel to wipe down with? Well at Equinox, they don’t just give you towels. They give you towels WITH EUCALYPTUS OIL ADDED! Imagine toweling off and feeling not just clean, but refreshed too! When you sign up with your Equinox coupon promo code you can experience it for yourself!

Steam rooms. The steam room at Equinox is a really nice addition, and is kept clean and well-maintained. There’s nothing quite like it after a workout. Some Equinox clubs also have saunas, for those who prefer dry heat. And with  your Equinox coupon promo code, you can try it for yourself!

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Bathroom amenities. This is one feature that really blew me away. At most gyms you’re lucky to find a crappy shampoo-bodywash. Equinox keeps their showers stocked with really nice bathroom products made by the Kiehl company. This includes shampoos, body washes, even conditioners. Additionally, all three of these use natural ingredients, such as grapefruit oil, coconut oil, and more!

You’ll probably want to shave once you step out of your shower. And if you used your Equinox coupon promo code, you’ll find that they offer complimentary disposable razors and shaving cream! Finish freshening up with their complementary deodorant spray and hair care products. It’s an entire start-to-finish grooming session!

Laundry service and permanent locker rental. This costs extra, but these are some really nice features. And if you used your Equinox coupon promo code, you’ll have samed some money to put toward this anyway! The permanent locker rental gives you somewhere to stash your gym clothes and other things. And with the laundry service, you can get your stuff washed! Never have to bring extra clothes to the gym again!

Other features that make it a great gym

Sometimes you need a bit of a helping hand when it comes to your workouts. It’s easy to walk in, see all the weights and machines, and just feel pretty overwhelmed.

That’s okay! With your Equinox coupon promo code, you have access to a few different features that will help you out with your workouts.

Take one of their classes!

Equinox has a large variety of classes that are available for their members. There are many that you have probably heard of, such as cycling, yoga, HIIT weight-lifting, and more.

However, again there’s the ‘Equinox factor’ that sets them apart here, and it’s something you’ll definitely see. With the classes, it’s that they have so many different variations of each one.

For example, instead of just cycling they have Performance Cycling, Cycle Beats and more, along with their own creation, The Anthem cycling. And instead of just yoga, you’ve got alignment yoga, vinyasa yoga, heated vinyasa yoga, slow flow, and several others.

And if you like lifting weights in a group, but hate the same old thing over and over, you’ll love their variety of weight-classes. They have both barbell and bodyweight classes, like pilates, athletic conditioning, the Firestarter, Tabata, and so many more. Use your Equinox coupon promo code, and try them all!

Furthermore, all the classes are included in your membership! Some you may have to reserve in advance, and some are done on more of a drop-in basis. But they’re part and parcel of the Equinox experience! Check their site to see when and where each class is!

The spa

Ahh, now this is one of the coolest things that you can take advantage of with your Equinox coupon promo code. Remember when I said that it was more than just a gym? Well, this is where the differences REALLY kick into gear!

After you’ve set the groundwork to become stronger and healthier in the gym, head into their spa to recover, and allow your body to get the most out of the hard workout you just put in.

Use your Equinox coupon promo code to unwind and rejuvenate with one of the amazing spa services, like massage, facials, aromatherapy, and more.

And the best part is, when you use your Equinox coupon promo code, the $100 you get to spend can be spent at the spa if you wish!

The store

This is a great place to use your $100 you get from the Equinox coupon promo code. Grab some new workout gear to celebrate taking such an important step to becoming a stronger, healthier you!

In conclusion

All of these awesome amenities, features and extras are what make Equinox into so much more than just a gym. It’s no wonder that the place is known to be frequented by models, celebrities, professional athletes, and many others who take their fitness and health very seriously.

Get that service for yourself, and commit to being healthier and happier by using your Equinox coupon promo code. And remember, by using it you’ll get $100 to spend at their shop or spa!

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