Freebird promo code


Freebird Promo Code


Using Uber just got even better!



By now, on-demand ridesharing is available in many major places in both the United States and worldwide. And, as you probably already know, the most far-reaching, well-known rideshare company is Uber.

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Uber changed the landscape when it comes to on-demand transportation, giving passengers an alternative to the taxi cab monopoly. It was a new era; on-demand personal transportation was now available at lower prices, and without the stereotypical surly cab driver. It was hard to believe it could get any better.


Well, it just did, thanks to the Freebird promo code.


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What exactly is Freebird?


This is the newest companion to Uber, and it’s a good one. Freebird is a smartphone app that you can use to find your Uber rides. I suppose you could call it a rewards app, because using it allows you to rack up rewards by ridesharing. That’s right; you can use Freebird to get rewards for using Uber, something you probably already do! And if you use your Freebird promo code when you sign up, it sweetens the deal with a discount of ‘insert here.’ That’s pretty awesome!


How do I use Freebird?


You can actually download it for free on your smartphone. The app will connect seamlessly with the Uber app on your phone. It uses your Uber account to pay for any rides you book. Using it to take your Uber rides will earn you points that you can trade in for rewards, or even cash. And if you use the Freebird promo code, you get an additional discount of ‘insert here.’


Using the Freebird promo code to discover


Of course, there’s more to the app than just getting rewards for taking rideshare rides to different places. In fact, there are quite a few businesses that have partnered up with Freebird. By using it, you can find out about places near you that offer cash back for your ride. The only thing you need to do to get this is use a credit card that’s linked up with Freebird when you’re there.


This is a nice little flip-the-script moment on convenience-based tech in general. Many feel that with all the on-demand stuff we have now, like online shopping and meal delivery apps, we are encouraged to be more isolated now than ever. Freebird encourages you to get out, discover new places, and have a good time. And using the Freebird promo code makes it even better!


What’s the catch?


There is none! There is no upfront cost that’s associated with using Freebird.


Good for businesses, too!


As I said before, Freebird encourages people to get out and have fun. And it does this by partnering up with businesses to bring new (and returning) customers to your business. As a partner, customers who need help deciding where to go will find your establishment listed under Freebird’s recommended places

And the best thing about it is, there is NO upfront cost that’s associated with doing so! As a business owner, you only pay when customers who use Freebird make a transaction in your establishment. This means you only pay for results!


Get it now!


Everyone who uses Uber should have the Freebird app. You’ve got nothing to lose, and basically get paid to use Uber; something you probably do anyways. Don’t forget to use your Freebird promo code, for even BETTER incentives!