Funko Pop ASMR Zeitgeist Story and Birography

the story of Funko Pop ASMR Zeitgeist

The Dark Biography of Funko Pop ASMR Zeitgeist

Funko Pop ASMR Zeitgeist: Once upon a time in Munich, Germany, there was a boy who wasn’t aware that he would one day become a YouTube star, known across the favorite video platform as ASMR Zeitgeist.

How did Michael Richter become ASMR Zeitgeist?Why did he become ASMR Zeitgeist?How did Michael become one of the top ASMR artists with over 5 million views on a single video?Did he always wanted to become a YouTube star and how did he started doing ASMR?Does ASMR Zeitgeist really names his microphones?Was his ASMR for people who don’t get tingles the stepping stone for his career?What was Michael’s life before the YouTube fame?Now that Michael has become one of the top ASMR artists on YouTube, is ASMR Zeitgeist the “Sandman” we need?

Once upon a time in Germany, in the city of Munich, a young boy who will one day become the Duke of ASMR was born. That boy was named Michael Richter and probably couldn’t tell a lot about what the future held for him, or even presume that he would one day become one of the leading artists in ASMR.Michael was born on March 19th, 1988 and has lived in Germany and in his home city his entire life, years later putting tired YouTubers to sleep with the help of ASMR, abbreviated from Autonomous sensory meridian response.Before he became a YouTube star known as Funko Pop ASMR Zeitgeist, Michael led a life that many would describe as normal. After finishing high school, Michael decided to study art, focusing on graphic design. His first jobs in early adulthood were related to his initial vocation, so Michael worked as a graphic designer before he became known as one of the highest-paid YouTube stars from Germany.Although he started out with graphic design as a form of art, he committed himself to after graduation, Michael found a new love in creating ASMR audio masterpieces for relaxation and induction of tingling sensation, relying on science, art and philosophy as well.Michael was interested in drawing even as a child and loved Disney movies, which is probably why he decided to draw a Pokémon-like creature for his first YouTube video, combining his love and passion for drawing with his interest in ASMR. Even before the ASMR fame, Michael started a YouTube channel that was related to art and which no longer exists, as he always wanted to work as an artist and turn his art into his full-time job. He did work in the field of his vocation for seven years before he got into YouTube waters of fame, ultimately deciding to become ASMR Zeitgeist and the favorite “Sandman” on YouTube that turns sleepless nights and restless days into a relaxing experience.

Michael chose a suitable name for his YouTube channel, referring to “spirit of the time”, or Zeitgeist. Zeitgeist is described in German philosophyas “the spirit of the age” and is a concept in philosophy created to describe characteristics of a certain age or epoch in the history. It can be described as a force dominating a certain period in the history, which is defined by Zeitgeist.As a joke to his explanation on why his ASMR artistic name is Zeitgeist, Michael replied that he could have used the nick “ASMR Kindergarten” as a more internationally accepted word originated from German language as Zeitgeist might not be as commonly used in English.As an artist, Michael not only relies on sounds through his ASMR art, but he also value colors. If ASMR could be defined by a color, ASMR Zeitgeist insists the characteristic colors would be dark blue or deep purple, considering these colors to be calming and mysterious in association with the tingling sensation and goosebumps he is hoping to induce when working on his ASMR videos.Before starting with his work with AMSR on YouTube, Michael had an art channel which doesn’t exist any longer, while it was definitely outshined by ASMR Zeitgeist as one of the top YouTube ASMR-oriented channels.The moment Michael was recognized as one of the most prominent ASMR artists on YouTube came with one of his videos that was focused on inducing tingling sensation for people who otherwise can’t react to ASMR with sensory arousal.The video was named “ASMR for People Who Don’t Get Tingles – Tingle Virgins”, and was viewed over 5 million times on YouTube, overnight becoming one of the most popular ASMR videos and also one of Michael’s top ASMR works.With 1.2 million subscribers, ASMR Zeitgeist assured his YouTube fame as one of the most productive and imaginative ASMR artists around the globe.Aside from pitching a winning ASMR video, Michael also became recognized and remembered by naming the microphones he uses for creating ASMR sounds that are focused on inducing relaxation and helping faithful fans to sleep. With the names, there came different personalities ASMR Zeitgeist attributed to the equipment crucial to his work. As his career started to develop and progress thanks to his hard work, innovation, creativity and passion for ASMR, Michael wanted to get ahold of more professional equipment so he decided to try with a US brand he knew would add more quality to his ASMR works of art. Considering delays in creating videos in case the US branded and manufactured microphone would break, Michael decided to go with a different version close to the quality of his original choice. The problem was that as someone with artistic affinities, ASMR Zeitgeist just didn’t like the looks of his new microphone. That is how he came up with his idea to name his equipment and make them alive for viewers by adding personality to his microphones. He decided to add some googly eyes and silicone ears and the first personalized microphone was born – its name is Frank and ASMR Zeitgeist claims that Frank is now even more popular than he is.One thing led to another, and Michael’s YouTube name soon became a brand recognized by his specific style, representing one of the rare ASMR artists recording during nighttime to avoid unexpected and unwanted noises being captured in his ASMR concepts.ASMR Zeitgeist is also known by numerous collaborations with other ASMR artists, those less known and those who are familiar in the community of ASMR fans who like to be put asleep by the internet’s very own “Sandmen” or enjoy the goosebumps induced by the clever strategies of Autonomous sensory meridian response.ASMR Zeitgeist is getting very popular in the world of ASMR, collaborating with many artists following the same passion for sound-induced sensations. By far Michael, under the name ASMR Zeitgeist and with complete dedication to creating high-quality and memorable ASMR videos, collaborated with Ricky7Whispers, The Auracle, Whispers Red, Karuna Satori, My Whispers, and many other famous and less famous ASMR artists.Before he started with ASMR, Michael admitted that it made sense for him to start a new YouTube channel after he had tried with his first channel focused on animation and the art of graphic design and drawing.His new channel was opened in 2015 and after 5 years in the community of ASMR fans and counting, Michael easily became one of the top-paid YouTubers in Germany and in Europe, also having a flattering fanbase in the US as well.The “Jedi of Tingles”, YouTube’s favorite “Sandmen” and ASMR “sleep therapist” is still working in the field of ASMR art with what appears to be more than a bright future on the internet’s favorite and biggest database of video content.

Funko Pop ASMR Zeitgeist of 2020 and Beyond: YouTube Popularity and The World of ASMR

Michael gets at least 1.2 million views on his videos each week, representing one of the most popular YouTube ASMR artists and also the highest-paid YouTuber in Germany and in the neighbor countries of EU. His first video staring a Pokémon-like creature brought the attention ASMR Zeitgeist needed, combining his passion for sound and his interest in animation. The world fame on YouTube, however, arrived with the “Tingle Virgins” video that was viewed over 5 million times, in an attempt to cause tingles at people that don’t normally respond to ASMR triggers. In 2019, Michael attended Berlin’s ASMR live event despite the lack of ambition he has and which is no way detectable if you consider the number of subscribers and views ASMR Zeitgeist is scoring. The event was organized by WhispersRed ASMR and has inspired ASMR Zeitgeist to create an ASMR piece he should reveal in 2020. After numerous collaborations and extreme dedication to creating new videos, which takes hours and days to record, create, produce and upload to his official YouTube channel, ASMR Zeitgeist found his rightful place in the community of ASMR fans. In 2020 and five years after he started his YouTube channel, Michael is still making ASMR videos with his favorite mic, Frank, who is also the favorite of ASMR Zeitgeist’s subscribers. As far as the YouTube fame concerned, Michael’s zeitgeist might have become the spirit of an age where ASMR is appreciated as a popular culture and the art form of playing with sounds to trigger certain sensations. Despite the belief that YouTube fame is easily earned, or at least easier to earn when compared to becoming famous as a Hollywood actor or a singer winning an Emmy, ASMR Zeitgeist hasn’t earn his fame by not working hard – it is quite the opposite. To be able to put over million subscribers to sleep and thrill them with induction of tingling sensation, Michael works for hours and deep into the night hours, with each video taking around 10 days to produce and uploaded. Michael also invests his time in coming up with new ASMR triggers that haven’t been used yet, while making sure the experience of ASMR is complete with appropriate props and colors to match the triggers and sensations.

Putting millions to a state of relaxation and beauty sleep, ASMR Zeitgeist might be the internet’s very own “Sandman” we all need and deserve. May the force be with the Jedi of ASMR!

Listen the Full Story of Funko Pop ASMR Zeitgeist in Youtube: ASMR Aaron

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