Get delivery from any restaurant

Get delivery from any restaurant

Get delivery from any restaurant height=


Get delivery from any restaurant

Delivery restaurants is a hard job.
Maybe you do not have time to go in restaurant or another place to eat pizza or something interesting food.

So, for as It’s pretty simple to call restaurant to order some food. It’s about two minutes of our time,

But for other people, it’s a sign to start a hard job.
Delivery from restaurants men must look at the time and also to fight with the big traffic jams.
Delivery is about is one of thousands of restaurant workers who are responsible for your gastronomical delight.

He delivers meals to hungry  residents by way of his bike, spending approximately 35 hours of his week transporting orders for S’MAC, a  restaurant that specializes in macaroni and cheese dishes.
On a rainy afternoon shift in March, Rios strapped a GoPro to his bike helmet and captured what he says is a typical workday.

The restaurant delivery workers are required to have their own bikes.
Very often bike being stolen.In case that the bike is stolen bike delivery is responsible for replacing each of them.

Get your mobile application and make your order-one step to your food!

So, delivery men also pay for his oven, bike lock, in the case of minor bike repairs delivery man’s doing it himself or with colleagues.
For larger repairs, delivery men have to take his bicycle to the shop.
For bike delivery real money comes in the form of tips.
Also, delivery men says he usually receives $2-$4 in tips per order, averaging some $200-$300 in tips each week.

Average national tip as 13.9 percent per order.

So, next time you see on the streets  bike delivery restaurant men, let’s respect for the job they do.
Also, you just need to have application for your mob and get delivery from any restaurant.

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