Golf Equipment Facts that Should Know before Getting One

golf equipment

Equipment of Golf and their Usage

Golf equipment refers to the different types of items which the golfer uses while playing. Likewise, tee is the equipment of golf . In addition, golfers use it to place on the ground. For an easier shot the players usually use tee. For example, Ball, ball markers, golf cart, towels, ball retrievers, ball washers, gloves, shoes are also the golf equipment. Importantly,  there are a lot of golf shops which sell equipment with low cost also.

Major Equipment :

Golf balls

ballsThe first golf balls were made of hardwood. The allowed diameter of the ball is 42.67 mm not exceeding 45.93 gm. Urethane, the inclusion of the softer cover facilitates to get higher spin. Above all, there are three types of golf balls:-

  • Two-Piece Covers
  • Three-Piece Covers
  • Four-Piece Covers

Modern golf balls have also two, three or four layers made of different synthetic materials.

Golf bag

bagA golfer uses golf bags for carrying golf clubs. There are numerous types of golf bags including carry bags, cart bags, staff bags, and travel bags. Staff bags are the largest golf bags using by professional or high level golfers. Now a days most of the golf shops use plastic, metal, nylon or leather to make golf bags. The expensive bags have individual pockets for each individual club.

Ball Markers

golf ball markerSometimes to clean the ball it is needed to be lifted. Meanwhile, the golfers feel the necessity of ball markers. Moreover, the ball marker traces the position of the ball. Metal or plastic is the normal material of ball marker. It is interesting that sometimes the golfer uses coin as a ball marker.



towelsTo clean balls or hands the golf towel is used. Normally almost all the golf bags have a ring to tie the towels. Some towels have carabiner attaching it to a grommet.

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glovesTo prevent blistering and grip the club the gloves are used. The grip of the gloves is useful to swing harder with more control. It is important that the golfers use the gloves in non-dominant hand. With a view to reducing chafing players wear gloves in both hands.

Golf clubs

Golf clubsThere are mainly three types of golf clubs:- Woods, Irons and Putters. However, these three types have their own particular usage. However, the golfers use woods club for long shots. In modern days the golfer uses hybrid clubs which combining the characteristics of Irons and Woods. But he Golfers can carry not more than 14 golf clubs.

Conclusions About Golf Equipment

However, we  have outlined a lot of information above but we hope you have had the time to read it and enjoy it. In short, if you’re looking for golf equipment, make sure to go with Ben Hogan Golf to get the discount. Further, get the idea of best online golf store before purchasing your one.


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