Your guide to becoming a Drizly delivery driver

Make money on the side by signing up as a Drizly driver!


There’s all kinds of situations where someone might want to buy alcohol, but can’t go out and get it. Luckily, an app exists for that. It’s called Drizly, and using it can get alcohol delivered right to your door.

But it’s not just good for the customers who are ordering using the app. It’s also good for the delivery people.


How do I apply to become a Drizly driver?


One thing that you need to understand is that Drizly works a bit differently than Uber, Postmates and others. This is because when you work for then, you are not really working FOR them. Rather, you are an independent contractor for the liquor store that uses them.

Therefore, to sign up to become a Drizly driver, you will need to go to the liquor store that uses their platform.

There are also some contracting companies that will run Drizly drivers for several different stores in the area. You can apply to one of them too. But in either cause, be sure to ask

Additionally, there are some minimum requirements that you will need to be able to fulfill. These are:

  • Valid driver’s license.
  • The ability to lift your order in and out of your vehicle.
  • You will also have to have a vehicle that will be reliable for holding the orders you receive. A larger vehicle, such as an SUV, is a good option.
  • Live reasonably close to a store that uses the Drizly platform. You can find one by using their finder page.


What sort of perks are there for signing up to become a Drizly driver?


It’s also good if you’re looking to get your feet wet in the ever-growing ‘gig economy.’ Maybe you don’t want to go full-hog and get a Taskrabbit account yet. But joining up to become a Drizly driver is a great way to get a feel for making money with your car, and see if it’s for you.

Drizly also encourages those who use it to tip their delivery driver. You can stand to make a decent amount in tips if you provide good service. How to do that is simple; just do the kinds of things you would want your driver to do if you were the one ordering. Be profession, be on time, very basic stuff.

Different liquor retailers (or contracting companies) will handle tipping differently. So when you apply, be sure to ask how they do that, and make sure it’s something you can agree with.


Is there anything else I need to know to become a Drizly driver?


Even though they are ordering through a cool delivery platform, Drizly customers still must follow the law. So they will need to prove they are twenty one years old (or nineteen if in Canada.) Drizly uses an app called Mident to scan the customer’s ID to make sure they are of legal age. Once that is done, you can hand the customer their order.

Additionally, be aware that becoming a Drizly driver will have you working only during the hours the liquor retailer you work for is open. There are fairly typical 10 AM to 1AM hours, in most cases. So if you’re looking for those 3AM hours, you may want to stick with Uber.

Additionally, if you are looking for other opportunities in the gig economy, be sure to check out our other blogs on the subject here at HOWLA!

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