H3 Podcast Highlights ASMR Story

the tale of h3 podacst

H3 Podcast Highlights ASMR Story

H3 Podcast Highlights ASMR Story: Once upon a time, in 2 different lands, there lived a little Prince named Ethan and a Princess called Hila, who would join forces to become slayers of internet dragons, h3h3Productions.

But how did Ethan Edward Klein and Hila Hakmon transform into the King and Queen of the Land of Reaction Videos? How did they become master satirists, challenging the Kingdom of YouTube and other powerful forces? Did a magical mist really help their careers? Why did they end up in a legal battle over a Parkour Girl, and what is that anyway? Are their lives as perfect as they seem? And what does the future hold for the h3h3 duo…?

It’s time for me to answer all these questions and more since this is ASMR Aaron back at it again with another daily video to help you relax. So, lay back and enjoy the ride. I hope this video gets you through your day or even better I hope this read helps you gently fall asleep. I can’t wait to get started. This is the tale of h3h3Productions…

Once upon a time, in the Kingdom of California, there lived a little boy named Ethan. Also once upon a time, in the Land of Israel, there lived a little girl called Hila. Prince Ethan wanted to be a great scribe and attended the University there, whilst Hila spent 2 years in the Israel Defence Forces. They may have seemed poles apart as a Prince and Princess, he with his pen and her with her tactical assault rifle, but the pair would soon fall in love after meeting in Jerusalem. Eventually they married and settled in the Wild and Wacky Kingdom of Los Angeles.

To help Hila’s college studies in those early days, the couple began making videos in Tel Aviv. Their channel started life in 2011. Ethan and Hila had the magical idea to call themselves HEHE Productions, using their initials. Unfortunately another mighty internet warrior had taken that name for themselves. So they changed their handle to h3h3Productions, and the rest is history.

Comedy was the couple’s passion, and they introduced the world to their sense of fun. 2013 saw Prince Ethan and Princess Hila try something different – a reaction video. But being the internet geniuses they are, they didn’t want to make the typical kind of video where someone sits there gawping like Santa’s elf after a massive toy order comes in. They created a multi-layered experience that offered not just a reaction, but commentary and sketches in the mix. People thought these two were more like something out of Mystery Science Theater 3000 than a pair of mindless vloggers. Speaking of vlogs, they went on to start a self-titled vlog, and also a podcast.

So what happens in all the different parts of h3h3’s internet empire? The main channel is where all the fun happens, the crazy ideas factory and raucous reaction vids that Ethan and Hila are famous for. They developed a style of satirizing and participating in trends and controversies, lending their unique voices to the online debate and not being afraid to poke fun at personalities. In early 2016 they decided to tackle vaping. So Ethan took to the streets of New York, buying and then puffing away on an e-cigarette and making magical mist come out of his mouth. Positioning himself outside the set of WABC-TV Eyewitness News, he blew mist at the team while also making hand signals. Ethan was then Tweeted about by Bill Ritter the anchor. This was a big step forward in making Ethan and Hila a world famous Prince and Princess. The 7 min video has racked up nearly 27 million views to date. The channel has over 6 million subscribers in total.

The couple’s vlog is used for – in Ethan and Hila’s own words – goofing around. The podcast is called H3 and features interviews and commentary. Some of the biggest stars of the land have agreed to be interviewed by the couple. These include Prince Jack Black and his fellow madrigal maker Kyle Gass of Tenacious D, Post Malone, Bo Burnham and even heavyweight political figures such as Andrew Yang.

It seems that mischievous Prince Ethan and Princess Hila have all bases covered when it comes to exploring online culture and giving their take. The couple like to highlight the Cult of Outrage or Cancel Culture, where people get angry over users who cause offence and pile in on them. Despite their hilarious vibe, h3h3 look at serious subject matter too, through documentaries. Things like trading skins, or virtual goods used in online gambling. Ethan and Hila weren’t happy about YouTubers encouraging young people to gamble, and they wanted them to know about it. It’s nice to see a couple who have had so much luck in life standing up for people and what’s right. Just the kind of values we need from our internet Royalty!

As with any high profile partnership, they’ve had some controversies. Between 2016 and 2017 they were battling Matt Hosseinzadeh, whose reaction to one of their reaction videos was far from positive. They had used footage from his video titled Bold Guy vs Parkour Girl. The Bold Guy was Mr Hosseinzadeh and the Parkour Girl was someone he tried to chat up! What’s a Parkour Girl? Maybe you already know in which case good for you. But if you don’t, it’s basically a Freerunner. The exciting video shows Bold Guy and Parkour Girl running, jumping and performing various feats. Ethan and Hila wanted to give the end product their reaction, but the Bold Guy felt they were being a little… well, bold! He filed a civil action against them in an attempt to get the reaction removed. h3h3 argued it was all done under the principles of fair use. Eventually a judge ruled in the couple’s favour. Ethan and Hila put money raised to fight their corner into a fund, so others could defend their right to fair use in making YouTube videos.

Recently the H3 podcast welcomed former Papa Johns head honcho John Schnatter, who resigned from the famous fast food brand after making controversial comments. Schnatter opened up to Ethan and Hila during the cast, in a frank and eye-opening chat where he claimed there was a conspiracy against him. While these allegations were explosive, a greater story was to come when YouTube demonetized the video. Ethan took to social media to complain and the company revealed there had been a misunderstanding. YouTube’s raters seemed to think a slur had been used when in fact it hadn’t. Ethan then suggested online there had been a “pizza conspiracy”. Such a wild conspiracy is probably only going to happen in the strange land of YouTube, but we can’t blame Ethan for being annoyed!

A few days later, fellow YouTuber PewDiePie was set to appear on the podcast when all of a sudden… he didn’t. 2020 has been an unusually quiet year for the prolific contributor and he understandably wanted a break. However he was going to drop by Ethan and Hila’s for a chat on H3. When he didn’t, his millions of subscribers were concerned. Also Ethan and Hila were sitting on a royal scoop that now wasn’t going to happen. Ethan turned the situation into a joke, but on a serious note it shows how invested people get in YouTube, and also how H3 are at the cutting edge of developments in that world. PewDiePie has since returned to the platform.

Ethan and Hila have previously waded into arguments involving PewDiePie, defending him when he was accused of making offensive content. Ethan accused one journalist of deliberately stoking up controversy and trying to cause sensational outrage over the issue. He later retracted his comments, but has also criticized YouTube for what he sees as restrictive measures. These are intended to protect advertisers from being associated with controversial content, but in Ethan’s view they also impact on innocent channels.

But what else do Prince Ethan and Princess Hila get up to when they’re not busy ruling the internet? Hila started up her own clothing brand, Teddy Fresh, in 2017. This is known by its bear logo, and sells things such as beanies and sweatshirts. And if that maybe sounds a little boring for this pair, they also worked on a game called Ball Rider, which saw them collaborating with those crusading knights of the internet known as the Outerminds. Ethan and Hila also put their efforts toward helping good causes. They raised funds for Houston Texas after it was struck by Hurricane Harvey.

Their home life is blessed, as in 2019 they released their greatest production… a son, Theodore! Shredder and Alfredo are Ethan and Hila’s Yorkshire Terriers who have become part of the h3h3 phenomenon.

So far the couple have achieved an extraordinary amount, and they’re only in their 30s! What does the future hold for h3h3? We’re not sure, but with a world full of outrage, injustice and general argument, you can be sure Ethan and Hila will be at the forefront of any reaction. As long as online debate rages, you know this strong partnership are going to live Happily Ever After…

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