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Heroes of the Storm (HOTS) is shaping up to be a major e-sport in a big way.

Thousands of Pro Gamers are training endlessly in order to win the big prize money this year.

There is a 2017 Tournament Timeline for the HOTS Blizzard Championship:

Click Here for the Timeline: http://us.heroesofthestorm.com/esports/en/overview

“In the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship (HGC), beat proficient groups fight for matchless quality in provincial chief associations, delaying just for world class worldwide presentations and a Mid-Season Brawl on their way to the HGC Finals. The Heroes Global Champions will bring home the crown and the victor’s share of a money thousand prize.”

Heroes of the Storm Stage 1
Heroes of the Storm

Howla will be presenting updates for Heroes of the Storm Tournament scene as it continues to progress.

The Top 5 Heroes of the Storm Teams are:

 1. Team MVP Gameplay – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuURy3cVpJQ

 2. Team eStar Gaming Gameplay – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQeM1KJ7R5Q

 3. Team Dignitas Gameplay – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvnYrwhFFDU

 4. Team Ballistix Gameplay – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PReZ3SzGYc

 5. Team Cloud9 2015 Championship – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJFi3ANmR_w

Heroes of the Storm Character Selection
Heroes of the Storm Character Selection

Some more information on Heroes of the Storm as a whole:

Heroes of the Storm spins around online 5-versus-5 matches, worked through Blizzard’s web based gaming administration Battle.net. Players can browse three diversion modes, which incorporate playing with/against PC controlled heroes or other players.

At the point when players first begin the diversion, they may play 6 heroes gave by the free saint pivot, a systematically chose list that progressions week after week, however by utilizing gold coins, the in-amusement wellspring of riches, or through microtransactions, they can increase perpetual access to a legend.

Four extra free saint openings are accessible to players who have achieved level 15, compensated dynamically.

As of March 2017, there are as of now 64 heroes in the amusement, partitioned into 4 isolate parts: Assassin (harm merchant and aggressor), Warrior (harm safeguard and bruiser), Support (healer and battle augmenter) and Specialist (attack, summoner and commander).

Varian Wrynn from the Warcraft universe, included November 2016, is the primary “multiclass” legend; he can be either a Warrior or Assassin relying upon his ability choices.

Of the as of now discharged maps, nine of the 12 have the standard three fundamental paths where players can battle, while the others have just two principle paths, however a different target based area.

Killing PC controlled foe/impartial units and the restricting side’s heroes awards encounter focuses, which are imparted to the whole group. At the point when a specific affair point limit is gone after a group, each legend on that group step up, procuring somewhat opened up forces and picking up an ability point after achieving certain levels. 

Heroes of the Storm has updated to 2.0 – Check this out:

Heroes of the Storm Gameplay
Heroes of the Storm Gameplay

This is just a small sample of what Heroes of the Storm is bringing to the table.

We will be paying close attention to Heroes of the Storm as it slowly becomes the worlds number one e-sport.

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