Hotel Tonight coupon promo code

Hotel Tonight coupon promo codeUse your Hotel Tonight coupon promo code and book at a discount!


Lodging arrangements are typically made days in advance. I myself will book MONTHS in advance, trying to find the best deals at the best places. I probably put more time into it than I really should.

But let’s face it; things happen. We don’t always have the luxury of planning ahead. For example, I was in Toronto airport when my next flight got delayed until the next day. So I had two choices; try to sleep on those horrible bench-chairs in the airport lobby, or get myself a hotel. And I had never used the service, but I remembered my brother had a Hotel Tonight coupon promo code. So I downloaded the app and used it; booked a same-night hotel at a discount!

When life gets in the way, use your Hotel Tonight coupon promo code!

Hotel tonight is exactly as it sounds; it’s a program that allows you to book a hotel…tonight! It’s pretty handy to have it ready for those times when life just doesn’t give you time to look or book in advance.

There are even some benefits to booking a hotel at the last minute, as well. Hotels will sometimes slash their room rates for same-day visits in order to fill up rooms that would otherwise sit empty. Because to them, an empty room is one that isn’t making them any money. And if you use your Hotel Tonight coupon promo code, you can scoop one up at even MORE of a discount!

How do I use Hotel Tonight?

They have a website, which you can use by clicking here. But the more convenient method is by using the app, which is available for both Apple and Android devices. To use the app, you just:

  • Download the app
  • Build your profile within once you open it up
  • Either use your phone’s location ability to see the hotels in your area, or enter a custom location (useful if you’re currently traveling)
  • Pick your desired establishment from the scroll-down list presented. Selecting a hotel will show you things about it, such as amenities, ratings, guest photos, and need-to-know info about it.
  • Once you’ve decided on a place, book it. You will need to enter payment info if you haven’t already. Remember your Hotel Tonight coupon promo code!

Hotel Tonight coupon promo code

For example, right now I am in Los Angeles. If I open up the app, I can get a special same-day rate at the Hotel Hermosa for $109 (usually 153.) However, there is also a special at the DoubleTree by Hilton: they’ve slashed their rate from $246, so $119! What a deal!!

Can I only book same-day room rentals?

No! You can also use your Hotel Tonight coupon promo code to book a hotel in advance, a relatively new feature. Booking your hotel is done pretty much the same way you do it on a same-day basis. Only difference is, you change the ‘when’ box from ‘night’ to the day you intend to reserve it for. Again, remember your Hotel Tonight coupon promo code to save even more!


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