How The New Fnatic CSGO Team Can Regain Success

It is weird living in a reality where the Fnatic CSGO team will not be competing at a Valve Major. A team with so much history and talented players are going to watch the Starladder Berlin Major at home. With the recent announcement that both Twist and Xzist will no longer be on the lineup moving forward, Fnatic are lost.

Losing that monikor of attending every single major is heartbreaking.

Fnatic CSGO is frustrating to watch because of the up and down journey this team currently is on. Fnatic are hosting a talented group of Swedish veterans and rookies. Yet, this team simply is not working when the major begins to draw closer.

Pressure is a reoccuring theme with this new Fnatic CSGO lineup. This is a lineup that is showing glimmers of starpower in their moments of failure.

How Do Fnatic Rebuild?

Fnatic are in need of two new players to join the core of Brollan, Krimz and JW as the organization looks to rebuild. There are a couple of options that Fnatic can choose to follow, but they need certain pieces. The first thing this team needs is a new IGL. However, instead of aiming to acquire veteran leadership, Fnatic should invest in an upcoming Swedish In-game leader. With veteran leadership from both Krimz and JW, Fnatic do not need another seasoned player. Fnatic should keep a discerning eye on younger IGL’s that can provide new perspective to the Fnatic CSGO core. Instead of searching for mechanical talents, they need a perfect combination of firepower and knowledge to become Tier One again. Luckily for Fnatic, they have options.

Team Ancient Players

Team Ancient players are familiar with the Fnatic organization. Many of these players are former Fnatic members themselves and would be happy to make a return.

Young Players

Even during this rough stretch for Fnatic, their young star Brollan is continuing to blossom into one of Sweden’s most promising talents. With two veteran currently on the lineup, introducing a second young superstar could be very good for this team. On the previous lineup, Brollan was the only rookie player on the team. Instead of acquiring another young Swedish superstar, Fnatic should look into a young In-game Leader. With a young IGL, the Fnatic CSGO team will be able to gain a new perspective on the current meta.

This new perspective, is something that Fnatic CSGO is greatly lacking in their former team. The previous lineup was four veterans and one singular rookie player. Xist, the former IGL of Fnatic is a long-time veteran whose ideas may be outdated in the current landscape of CSGO. As for young IGL’s to look at, Hampus of GamerLegions would be a great addition to the lineup.

The 20 year old Swedish player offers that new perspective to CSGO and an opportunity to gain fresh insight. That new insight will be important if the current rumors around a possible roster pickup become true.


In a Dexerto report, Fnatic is possibly looking into signing former NIP legend Friberg. In an AMA on reddit, Fnatic Team Director Andreas Samuellson states he is looking for one young player and an In-Game Leader. While Friberg does not fit that description from a first glance, he has experience as a leader for Optic Gaming back in 2017. Friberg has the ability to fill in a role similar to Xist’s. Instead, Friberg is known for being a good presence in a team environment.

Fnatic are a legacy team whose history will never be discredited. The things that this organization are able to accomplish is monumental and breathtaking. However, the current state of Fnatic is tarnishing a legacy of greatness built up for many years.

Two years ago, Fnatic CSGO are a team that a fan could count on to always make an appearance in the Top 8 Stage of a major. Now, they are an average European team that cannot qualify for a major.

The Swedish team needs direction if this team is looking to return to a form is capable of doing. With a wealth of Swedish players at their disposal, Fnatic are in an enviable position to sign any Swedish player they desire. Barring the players on NIP, Fnatic are an end goal organization for Swedish players. There are very few situations where a Swedish player will deny going to Fnatic. Same token, there are also few scenarios where Fnatic will be unable to buyout any contracts.

There are no excuses for this team to put up another poor year like 2019. As the pinnacle and face of Swedish CSGO, Fnatic need to pull things together with this roster change. If they do not find magic, they fall down a similar path to Virtus.Pro.

The Swedes will have a nice break away from tournaments and the game as the Fnatic CSGO team looks to piece together this lineup post-major. The Fnatic core is currently ranked #15 on the HLTV Rankings and will look to make a return to Top 10 with this new lineup.

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