HungerBox Promo Code Coupon

HungerBox Promo Code Coupon

People utilize apps for everything – booking for cabs, motion pictures, transport ticket and other things. The advantage of online is to spare the sum of time that something else gets squandered in requesting nourishment offline. Nowadays people started to use online to order foods for home delivery. Most portals provides Business to customer service. But it’s tough to get food when you’re in office or corporate place. Cafeterias in corporate campuses are profoundly wasteful. Here comes the idea of HungerBox, which provides food to office cafeteria.

Journey of HungerBox

HungerBox is a digital cafeteria for corporate world. It was started with a vision to revolutionize the corporate cafeterias and food courts. It solved one of the biggest problem of getting food from food court in a big company. This company was founded in 2015 by Sandipan Mitra who is working as CEO. It has 9 team members currently. According to Crunchbase their total funding amount $9.2M with 5 investors.

Service They Provide

Their vision is to improve the efficiency of corporate representatives by giving them an innovation driven nourishment involvement. And which is secure, sound and advancing continually. They are revolutionizing office nourishment and cafeteria administration together with the most excellent caterers within the city. It utilizes best infrastructure and strong operational forms without compromising on Nourishment quality and Nourishment Security.

hungerbox promo code couponHungerBox use their qualities and involvement to provide the leading in course corporate nourishment encounter. And it  comes about in improved worker efficiency and representative fulfillment. They are right now serving over 100 clients over the nation and proceed to enchant them each day with our services.

HungerBox Promo Code Coupon

Status Code Offer Expire date
Verified EA30A4F2 20% off over 100 USD 25/09/2019
Verified C8A42EF7 5% off 25/09/2019
Verified C73D92BC 35% off over 200 USD 25/09/2019

Hungerbox promo code updates their coupons almost every week. It is better to search coupon before applying a code. Howla team finds MMODM update hungerbox promo code every day. This may help you to get the offer.

How to Apply Hungerbox Promo Code:

You need to install their app to apply the hunger box coupon code. There is not enough information about hunger box promo code in google and reddit.

Having food in office cafeteria was a big issue because it cost a huge loss of time to get the food after staying in a long queue. HungerBox Company solved this problem by digitalizing the system. Now they are operating 500+ digital cafeteria of corporate companies to serve more than million employees.

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