IMT Pobelter Interview | NA LCS Week 3

IMT Pobelter Interview | NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 3

We sat down to interview IMT Pobelter after their Week 3 victory over Cloud 9 in the NA LCS 2017 Summer Split to talk about Xmithie, Immortals’ new coaching staff, and Pobelter’s transition from the Spring Split.

DiscoSheep: I’m here with Pobelter coming off a 2-1 victory over Cloud 9. First of all, congratulations on the victory.

Pobelter: Thank you.

DiscoSheep: Let’s talk about that awesome Baron steal by Xmithie. What’s it like to be playing with him again like you did back on CLG?

Pobelter: He’s really good, keeps a calm head, consistent player, and he really leads us around mid- to late-game. During that really tense game, he was able to keep a cool head, go for crazy plays like that baron steal, and call our rotations around the map; it feels really comfortable to play with him.

DiscoSheep: You have a new coach, coach SSONG. What has it been like working with a coach from the Korean scene who coached a lot of top teams, went to Worlds and all of that; what’s the effect been like working with him?

Pobelter: Before I started working with him, all I knew was that he had a really great pedigree, like he coached old ROX Tigers for two years. I had pretty high expectations, and he met them; he seems really smart about the game, really good at getting his point across, and I’ve been able to improve a lot playing under his tutelage, so I’m happy about that.

DiscoSheep: Speaking of expectations, you had a rough start to the Spring Split this year, but you righted it midway through the split, and you have been playing out of your mind this split. Was that a change that you had to go through and “resurrect yourself,” or do you think there was a change in the organization or team structure that helped you?

Pobelter: I think that, well, yeah, I did go through kind of a slump Spring Split. A lot of it was I was trying to change how I played because I was trying to play a lot more aggressively and draw attention to my lane both from my team and the enemy team. Before that I would just kind of skate by, cruise by, team does well we win, team doesn’t do well we lose. And then I kind of had a realization before the season started that I had to change that, that that wasn’t a good way to play as a Mid Laner. So I think that was growing pains spring split, and then also having some struggles finding my footing with Dardoch, our synergy wasn’t that good I think. But I feel comfortable playing with Xmithie, I think we are a lot more like-minded working Mid/Jungle, and you know the good thing for Dardoch is I think he’s also working really well with Huhi. So overall, I think it’s something that benefitted both of our teams. So part of it was change in our team, and part of it was me just having a bad performance.

DiscoSheep: You talked about Mid/Jungle synergy between you and Xmithie. Outside of those two roles, Flame had a great start to the season, and your Bot Lane is looking like one of the best in the League. What can you say is different about this Immortals team from past iterations?

Pobelter: Well, we’re still kind of wild sometimes, we go for plays when we shouldn’t, go for engagements when the right thing to do is bide our time. That’s kind of the problem we had with the previous Immortals squad last year, we still have it now and still need to work on it. I think that Coach SSONG actually has really helped tap into how well our Top and Bot can play, so I think that’s a big factor as well.

DiscoSheep: Last question: you guys got off to a really good start, going 2-0 in the first week, you beat TSM, and now we’re three full weeks into the split. You guys clearly look like the real deal, it’s not just a hot start, you guys seem to be a very well-developed team. What is the ceiling for this Immortals team, and what should we expect going forward into this split and potentially into playoffs?

Pobelter: Not sure, we kind of have to go week-by-week, and kind of improve on the things we can one-by-one. I think overall, honestly, it doesn’t feel like we’re an incredibly strong team when we play scrims and things like that, but we have a really good record on stage so far. I think the key point is even if we notice a lot of mistakes in our play, taking those one-by-one and fixing them.

DiscoSheep: Taking it one step at a time, Pobelter thank you so much for the interview, is there anything you’d like to say to Immortals fans or your personal fans out there right now?

Pobelter: No. I’m kidding I’m kidding I’m kidding! Thanks for watching guys, and for supporting us, hopefully we can keep winning in LCS.

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