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JackSepticEye:Once upon a time in Ireland, lived a boy who was the youngest child of his parents. He grew up in the countryside. Nobody imagined that one day this boy would become the famous YouTube star and actor known only as JackSepticEye.

But how did JackSepticEye become a YouTube star? Why did he become a YouTube star? Does he really have a septic eye? Did he once live in a wood cabin? Was Jack in a band? Did he provide voices for video games? What was his life like before fame? It’s time for me to answer all these questions and more since this is ASMR Aaron back at it again with another daily video to help you relax. So, lay back and enjoy the ride. I hope this video gets you through your day or even better I hope this read helps you gently fall asleep. I can’t wait to get started. This is the tale of JackSepticEye.

Jack was born as Seán William McLoughlin on February 7, 1990, in Ireland as the youngest child of his parents, among two girls and three boys. Malcolm McLoughlin, one of his brothers, is a writer. He was raised in the countryside by his parents and thereafter he used to live in a wooden cabin alongside the residence of his parents. He later lived with a few of his friends for some time who happened to feature in a vlog once.

As for his educational background, he first attended college to study Music Technology but did not complete the course. Later he joined college again and earned a degree in Hotel Management. A games enthusiast he resorts to playing a wide variety of games ranging from AAA games to flash games. According to him, he is an agnostic atheist—he does not believe in God but is not in a position to refute the existence of God. He was in a relationship with Signe Hansen, a YouTube personality from Denmark who is popularly known as Wiishu or wwiishu on social media, but the couple broke up in October 2018.

Jack created his YouTube channel on February 24th 2007, although he didn’t start making his own videos until November 2012, his very first upload being a Metal Gear Solid 4 impression on Solid Snake. According to Jack in a 2017 video, he originally wanted the channel to be dedicated to impressions.

Whilst playing Battlefield 3, Jack searched for tips online and came across LevelCapGaming. Jack was also a fanboy of Markiplier and PewDiePie, becoming part of his inspiration to start his own channel. Lacking friendships and living in a remote area, he turned to YouTube so he could create an online community, despite being pressed for time to make videos since he was also studying for exams in college. In September 2013, he entered PewDiePie’s shout out competition and was one of several channels who won, where he went from 2,000 to 15,000 subscribers and pounced upon the opportunity to improve. Mark noticed Jack by writing on Twitter that he had entertaining videos, resulting in their first ever collaboration being “Gmod Sandbox w/ Markiplier | DON’T WORRY….WE’RE SCIENTISTS.”

From 2012 until 2014 Jack lived beside his parents in a cabin, resulting in issues with his internet affecting his uploads. He had to use a camera as his microphone and attempted to hide his Irish accent by pretending to be American for fear of being made fun of.

In 2014, he moved to an apartment in Athlone for better internet access. He graduated from college that same year and earned a degree in hotel management. In 2016, Jack hired Robin as an editor. For the first time in five years in October 2017, there were no scheduled uploads for a week due to Jack touring with the Game Grumps.

Jack kick started 2018 with his motto, Positive Mental Attitude (‘PMA’ for short), which turned into a merchandise line released in August 2018. Between July and October 2018 he moved to Los Angeles for an extended break. From July 20th, 2018, he has decreased his uploads from two per day to one per day, occasionally resuming his former schedule.

While Jack’s main focus is on game plays of a variety of different genres, from indie to horror to upcoming releases, he occasionally does vlogs and sketch comedy. He is known for his bouncy and caring personality, but tones down to seriousness when something needs to be talked about. He has shown his appreciation for his fanbase multiple times, such as making a subscriber milestone video thanking them.

As Jack got more well known for his videos, he earned various opportunities worldwide, such as attending Indy Pop Con in 2015, Insomnia 62 in December 2015 in the UK and PAX East and PAX West every year in America. He dyed his hair green alongside Markiplier in September 2015 for charity. In July 2017, he co-hosted the D23 Expo Level Up! panel in California alongside YouTuber Strawburry17. Jack was a special guest and antagonist for Scare PewDiePie: Season 2, which was eventually cancelled due to Felix making unintended jokes. In October 2017, he and the Game Grumps toured Europe for Ready Player 3. In March 2018 until November 2018, Jack embarked on his very first solo tour How Did We Get Here?.

He was interviewed on The Late Late Show in Ireland on February 23rd, 2018. In May 2018, Jack uploaded a video of him playing Deadpool with actor Ryan Reynolds. Throughout 2018 and 2019, Jack and his fans have raised over $3.3 million for charity. In October 2018 he unveiled his and Mark’s own clothing brand Cloak.

In November 2018, he interviewed Aquaman actor Jason Momoa and on December 6th, 2018, he presented an award for Best Narrative at the Video Game Awards 2018. Throughout 2019, Jack posted several more interviews with actors and actresses from new movies.

He has an uncanny quality of connecting with millions of his fans and viewers in a special way through his other series that does not fall in the genre of video games. These include ‘Reading Your Comments’ where he replies to comments, both supportive as well as harsh, received on Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr. Another such series is ‘Drawing Your Tweets’ where he obliges his fans by drawing things on a whiteboard that are usually suggested by them. He also shares and talks about his life and present events and occurrences related to his channel with his fans and viewers by uploading vlogs.

Jacksepticeye’s most serious relationship was with vlogger and digital designer Signe Hansen, who uses the name Wishuu professionally. They dated for several years and even lived together for a while. Sadly, it didn’t work out and Jacksepticeye announced their split in October 2018, saying that ending the relationship wasn’t an easy decision. He has not spoken publicly about any other relationships.

In March 2019, McLoughlin announced that he is currently in a relationship with Dutch YouTuber Evelien Smolders, formerly known as “GirlGamerGab” but now better known as “Gab Smolders”.

His success as a YouTube star led to Jacksepticeye voicing characters for video games. The first of these was the 2017 video game ‘Bendy and the Ink Machine’, in which he voices, Shawn Flynn. Next, he provided voices for two characters in the 2017 video game ‘Pinstripe’. His characters are Jack and drunk Man 2.

In December 2016, McLoughlin was a part of the Revelmode charity holiday livestream #Cringemas, with PewDiePieMarkiplierEmma Blackery and PJ Liguori. The group raised over $1.3 million under the hashtag #EndAIDS, with matching donations from the Gates Foundation and YouTube.[34] In December 2017, McLoughlin hosted two charity streams to raise money for Save The Children, with Blackery and Liguori. In the second stream Blackery revealed that over $260,000 had been raised for the charity.

Throughout 2018, McLoughlin hosted various charity livestreams for charities such as the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, GameChanger, a charity with the stated aim of “[leveraging] technology and innovation to empower patients to play, learn, and socialize”, AbleGamers, a charity which creates custom gaming setups for disabled gamers, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Crisis Text Line raising a total of over $1 million for charities in 2018.

In January 2019, McLoughlin hosted a livestream which raised over $100,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. In May, McLoughlin hosted a fundraising stream for Red Nose Day 2019raising over $110,000 in nine hours. In January 2020, McLoughlin hosted a livestream which raised over $200,000 in four hours for the bushfires in Australia. As of January 2020, since 2017, McLoughlin has raised over $3 million in total in charity livestreams.

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And so ends the tale of the YouTube star JackSepticEye who lived happily ever after creating funny videos because he has a really good sense of humor.

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