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 Jake Paul: Once upon a time in Cleveland, USA, lived a boy who had an interest in sports and played football and wrestling. Nobody imagined that one day this boy would become one of the well-known American Vine star, actor and model known as Jake Paul.

But how did Jake Paul become a Vine star? Why did he become a Vine star? Is it true that he used to be on the Disney channel? Did he really stay overnight at the White House? Did Jake once train to be a navy seal? What was his life like before fame? It’s time for me to answer all these questions and more since this is ASMR Aaron back at it again with another daily video to help you relax. So, lay back and enjoy the ride. I hope this video gets you through your day or even better I hope this read helps you gently fall asleep. I can’t wait to get started. This is the tale of Jake Paul.

He was born on January 17, 1997, in Cleveland, Ohio, United States, into the family of Greg Paul and Pam Stepnick. His brother Logan Paul is a social media entertainer and a very popular Vine Star with his own colossal fan following. Jake studied in Westlake High School in Cleveland, Ohio. He was quite a sports enthusiast in his childhood and participated in different sports like football and wrestling. In fact he ranked fifth at a state wrestling tournament.

Before Paul became big and famous in the entertainment industry, he had a much different life. Before the fame, he was once a professional wrestler and had also started to train as a Navy Seal. His whole direction in life changed when he first started to gain his huge group of followers from a 6-second video he posted to Vine, and in just five short months, had millions of followers. He was even nominated for the Shorty Award in the category, Vineographer.

The once competitive wrestler Jake Paul changed gears to land up into a totally different career in September 2013 when he launched his Vine account and started uploading videos. Soon he started getting noticed as one of the upcoming Vine Stars with his account garnering a whooping 2 million followers in just eight months. There was no looking back for this teenager after that and he only raised his bar as well as his popularity as a Vine Star. His hilarious videos are a craze among his numerous fans and viewers. He often hurts himself filming his videos and has already made a name in taking risks like jumping over a car and stuffs like that while creating his Vines.

His brother Logan Paul is another Vine sensation with whom Jake Paul often works in collaboration. He opines that the videos of Logan are more professional and creative. Apart from being a Vine Star, Paul is also an actor and has proved his mettle essaying characters like Lance in the YouTube Red original film ‘Dance Camp’, a comedy drama that was released on February 10, 2016, in the US; and Dugan in another comedy, a Fox Digital Studios production ‘Mono’ that was released on July 8, 2016 in the US.

He is the first social media personality who has landed up in one of the main roles in a Disney Channel regular series titled ‘Bizaardvark’, a step that speaks volumes of his enormous popularity. This American comedy series was premiered on June 24, 2016. Here he stars along with Madison Hu and Olivia Rodrigo and plays the character of Dirk Mann, the star of ‘Dare Me Bro’ who performs daring things that are requested to him. His acting prowess sees him perform difficult scenes with ease and great élan and that too in one take thus earning him the epithet “One Take Jake”. Jake is associated with Kellie Stewart, Cameron Dallas, Josh Peck, Alissa Violet and Dolan Twins among many others. He also did Vine videos with big names like Virgin Mobile, HBO, Ritz and Pepsi.

One of Paul’s biggest video series that has been viewed millions of times, is his fake marriage videos, which he made and posted to YouTube. He and Erika Costell, a famous model, were close friends, and the two had several videos running around the internet in 2017.

Of course you would expect a young guy like Paul, who is known for comic videos and an attitude, to get into trouble with someone, sometime. His trouble came in way of a disturbance call that his neighbors filed on July 18, 2017 when his neighbors met to discuss filing a class action suit against Paul. Paul gave his personal address out and suddenly, the neighborhood was full of crowds of people (fans) who would gather outside his home. The noise was very disturbing to the neighborhood, so they filed noise complaints and wanted to take it a step further.

The White House is known for hosting all kinds of gathering and events, honoring different people and causes. On January 5, 2017, Paul was one who was invited to the White House for an event that focused on social media. Of course Paul had to create some kind of prank to post to his vlog channel, so what would be funny? To not actually leave the White House after the event was over, but stay hidden and try to sneak out in the middle of the night. Oh, and not get caught by security. Well, that’s exactly what Paul did. He snuck out of the highly guarded and monitored White House at 3:30 am and was never confronted by security. His prank was a success.

His controversial video on January 3, 2018 was uploaded to his channel, and titled, “I lost my virginity.” The video received a lot of negative comments and was criticized for its explicit content, which featured his then, girlfriend Erika Costell, laying on the bed with some of her clothes removed and Paul straddling her in a sexual position. There was a lot of negative feedback stating it was too explicit for a young audience, which sparked Paul to change the thumbnail to a different video of he and his girlfriend lying on the bed fully dressed and not touching each other.

From 2016-2017 Jake Paul dated fellow Youtuber Alissa Violet is a model, actress, and YouTuber who rose to fame through Vine. In 2017, Jake Paul started dating model Erika Costell who is a model, singer, and YouTuber known for her swim, fitness, and lingerie shoots. Then he dated Tessa Brooks who is a dancer, actress, model, and YouTuber who has performed with The Pulse on Tour and been a member of the immaBEAST dance crew.

Jake Paul proposed to Tana Mongeau on her 21st birthday via bottle service at a club, along with a birthday cake with a giant diamond ring topper and the words, “Will you marry me, Tana?” The cake also appeared to feature photos of the YouTube couple together.

Fans question the seriousness of the proposal, however, as the two have long been cagey about their relationship status. In a May 9 video, Jake Paul described their relationship as, “It’s real, but it’s also not. But it also is, so it’s weird, man.”

However, Tana Mongeau has been tweeting since June 24 about being engaged, responding to a fan who said they would be upset if this was all a hoax, saying, “it’s not. i’m engaged. holy f*ck.”

Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul tied the knot at the Graffiti Mansion in Las Vegas on Sunday, July 28, 2019.

And so ends the tale of the Vine star, Jake Paul, who lived happily ever after making funny videos so that we can all laugh a bit.

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