Jump scooter coupon promo code

Jump scooter coupon promo code

Roll more eco-friendly than plain Uber with a Jump scooter coupon promo code!

They say that one of the benefits of using rideshare drives is that it’s more eco-friendly than using your own car. And, lt’s be honest, there’s some truth to that. More people sharing more cars, means less cars on the road. And that’s less vehicles emitting pollution at any given time of the day or night.

But there are some times where using Uber or Lyft, or any of the other rideshare companies, isn’t very green. For example, if you have to travel only a mile or so but don’t want to walk. In that case, getting a drive from Lyft or Uber isn’t really very eco-friendly. The car has to drive to you, after all. Not only that, but it’s not very cost-effective.

Now, there’s a better option with Uber. It takes no waiting, it’s cheaper, and greener than ridesharing. And you can do it with your Jump scooter coupon promo code.

What is Jump and how do I use it?

I’m sure you have seen those electric scooters by the curb now and again lately. Well Jump is one of the companies that runs those things. And if you’ve never used an electric scooter rental before, you’re in for a real treat.

Using your Jump scooter coupon promo code will allow you to use your first one at a discount. You can do it by downloading the Uber app, which is on both Apple and Android app stores. You can find it by clicking here for Apple or here for Android. When you first open it, you will need to set up your profile. But before you take your first ride, make sure you enter your Jump scooter coupon promo code. It’s good for first-time rides only, so don’t forget!

Once you’re all set up, you are ready for your first ride. It works through your Uber app, so open your Uber app. Tap ‘ride,’ then tap ‘bike and scooter.’ The app will show you all the scooters in your area. You can either reserve one or just walk up to an unreserved one.

Activate it by tapping the blue QR code button on your app, and scan the scooter’s QR code. Once it’s activated, you step onto it, make sure the brakes work, and then move. The handlebars control the acceleration and the brakes. Once you’ve gotten to wherever you want to go, leave the scooter at the nearest curbside.

Jump scooter coupon promo code

Is that all I need to know?

Not at all! There are some things you should know before you use your Jump scooter coupon promo code. As fun as these scooters can be, they are also very unsafe in the wrong hands. Be aware of the safety guidelines on their website.

  • ALWAYS wear a helmet when you’re riding. This is really a no-brainer.
  • Make sure you check the tires on your scooter or bike, as well as the brakes. You don’t want to be in need of immediately stopping, only to find your brakes don’t work.
  • Never slam on your brakes; always apply them slowly to come to a gentle stop. Which brings me to my next one:
  • Stay alert, and keep a lookout for your surroundings. You can be as careful as you want, but sometimes your environment makes the hazard for you. Be watchful to give yourself the best reaction time you can.
  • Know the traffic laws in your city, and follow them. Use bike lanes, don’t blow through red lights, etc.
  • Park your scooter safely in the zone shown on your app. Make sure it’s not blocking sidewalks or obstructing any lanes.

That’s it!

You are now ready to use your Jump scooter coupon promo code and get riding today! Be sure to check out our other great coupon codes on HOWLA, your source for Esports!

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