Juno coupon promo code

Juno coupon promo code

Ride (or drive) with a clearer conscience with your Juno coupon promo code!

Lyft and Uber have no doubt taken the transportation industry by storm. It’s never been easier to get a ride; open a smartphone app, push a button, and a few minutes later (or less) you’re off! The days of standing on a curbside, waving down every yellow car that goes by and hoping one notices you, is over.

But still; is ridesharing as good as it SHOULD be? After all, there are scandals abound about how Uber treats their drivers. With everything that we know right now, we know that ridesharing can, indeed, be done better. It SHOULD be better, not just for drivers, but for riders.

Well, another rideshare app has come along, making that their mission. And when you use your Juno coupon promo code, you can take part in it.

What is Juno?

Juno coupon promo code“We built Juno around the belief that when people are treated better, they provide better service. Happy drivers, happy riders.” – Juno

As you’ve probably already guessed, it’s a rideshare app. And using your Juno coupon promo code can give you your first ride at a discount. It works pretty similarly to Uber, or Lyft. But now you might be wondering…

What makes Juno different (and better?)

For the drivers

When you use your Juno coupon promo code, you can rest assured knowing that you’re participating in something that takes priority in it’s workers. For example, according to a review on their own website, they charge  their drivers 60 to 65% less in commission than competing rideshare apps. Many rideshare drivers are people just like you, trying to make ends meet. So when you use your Juno coupon promo code for a ride, you know that more of your money is going where it should: your driver.

Juno coupon promo code
Use Juno to reduce your carbon footprint too!

For me

If you use your Juno coupon promo code, you can get your first drive at a discount. But aside from that, there are plenty of other additional bonuses to using this particular rideshare service.

  • You can save favorite locations in the app, places from which you frequently need rides to and from.
  • Juno accepts only the highest-rated drivers. You know your Juno coupon promo code will get you a drive from a GOOD driver.
  • Tipping can be done right there in the app, making it effortless.
  • Have a problem? Juno has 24/7 support. Call anytime, and talk to an actual person.
  • There are various other features within the app. My personal favorite is the ability to request a ‘quiet ride.’

How do I download Juno?

  • First you need to download the app. You can get it on both Apple and Android devices.
  • After that, you will need to set up your profile. Give them your phone number, and then confirm it using the code they text to you.
  • They will need additional information. This includes your first and last name, email address, and a password for your account.
  • Payment info will also need to be entered, so you can pay for your rides. Do NOT forget to enter your Juno coupon promo code!
  • Now, you are ready to hail your first ride. And if you used your Juno coupon promo code, you will get it at a discount!

That’s it!

Now you know how set it up, and utilize your Juno coupon promo code. And if you enjoyed that, then check out some of our other promo codes here on HOWLA!

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