Keith: “In Spring, I was very vulnerable to criticism, and I was very down all the time from losses. Coming into this split, I had a different way of thinking: no matter if we win or lose, I’m trying my best.”


00:00 – Losing lead against TSM in Game 2
01:45 – Disparity between FOX’s strong early game and weak team fighting
03:08 – Dynamic between Froggen and Keith as shotcallers
03:56 – Keith’s new mentality this split
04:50 – How do you keep your head in the game despite the criticism you’ve gotten?
05:42 – What are the benefits of only scrimming internally?
06:49 – What do you think your limits as an individual player are?
07:40 – What’s Echo Fox’s goal for this split?
08:18 – Closing thoughts

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