Kim Kardashian Apologizes for not Placing Wards

After a long day of getting trolled in soloQ by toxic players for not placing wards, Kim Kardashian took a moment to reflect on her gameplay with HOWLA.

Kardashian is still in Bronze V, and says her goal is to reach Challenger or get signed by one of fher avorite NA LCS teams: C9, TSM, or Immortals.

She has spent some time watching the stream of pro Support player and personal idol Aphromoo of CLG. She says it is time for her to start growing as a player, and that she can’t keep muting or auto reporting everyone since it doesn’t gain her any LP.

So, her first step towards reaching her goal is to publicly apologize for not placing wards. Furthermore, she will no longer build Rabadon’s Deathcap as her first item. She wants to let everyone know she will no longer last hit Red Buff while leashing her jungler.

She admits in this video that she never bought wards because “they are too expensive, but now that I look back this is not what it’s all about.” She says she knows that not buying or placing wards is a very bad thing now, having discovered that they actually give your team vision. She hopes that everyone can learn from her story and they share it with all

Ms. Kardashian hopes that everyone can learn from her story and will share it with all their friends, so they too can learn and get out of Bronze before the season ends.



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