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Patch 7.13 God Tier List

A new patch is upon us, and the balance of League of Legends’ champions is changing. Look no further for the definitive Tier List on the best League of Legends Patch 7.9:

LCS tier means only good in competitive play due to relying on teamplay, high mechanics, or both.
List is for Bronze 5-Platinum 1

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League of Legends Patch 7.9 God Tier List

Top: Fiora

One of the long-standing top tier top laners is finally moving to the God Tier. Most people would assume that after Black Cleaver was nerfed, Fiora would suffer. Instead, she will have a new and improved build path.

The expected strongest build for this patch will be the triple Lifesteal build, combining Ravenous Hydra, Death’s Dance and Bloodthirster (all of which were buffed). This Fiora build makes you an incredible duelist with the immense amount of bonus AD and lifesteal. All you need now is a couple Infernal Drakes to get that montage level 1v5!

Jungle: Sejuani

After being basically unheard of since the removal of Juggernaut, Sejuani is back at the top with her new rework. Her new dual passive gives her an extra advantage over most champs. Sej’s core items were buffed, and to top it off, Riot themselves admitted she released too strong with some mid-patch urgent nerfs. All told, it’s clear that she belongs as a God Tier jungler.Her typical core

Sejuani’s core build is Cinderhulk>Abyssal Scepter>Gargoyle Stoneplate. This build gives her incredible tankiness, combining with her passive that increases her resistances before and at the beginning of fights.

Mid: Ahri

Being able to abuse strong items is a quick ticket to the God Tier, and Ahri has two very strong builds at her disposal. Between Morellonomicon->Luden’s Echo and Hextech Gunblade->Lich Bane, Ahri is capable of being a strong teamfighter or a strong splitpusher, respectively, depending on what her team needs (as well as your own personal style). Her ability to shove in the lane and then either kill her own enemy

Her ability to shove in the lane and then either kill her enemy or roam to help pressure other lanes is nearly unmatched in the mid lane. On top of all this, she is very safe. Her ability to charm enemies engaging on her or quickly dash out of combat with her ultimate make her a very slippery target to stay on top of.

Marksman: Caitlyn

Barely overshadowed by Lucian last patch, Caitlyn takes the trophy this time. From Lucian’s core items all receiving nerfs (BoTRK, Cleaver, and Phantom Dancer) to Caitlyn’s core build all being buffed (Infinity edge cheaper, Zeal cheaper, Runaan’s getting more AOE damage, AND Rapidfire Cannon stacking faster), her itemization now completely dominates the bot lane. As we’ve known for awhile, Caitlyn is one of the best sieging and anti-sieging champions on the Rift. The buffs to her core items allow her to reach a sieging spike much sooner and give her incredible synergy with the current state of the Rift Herald. Easily shoving down multiple turrets with the aid of her new pet monster or quickly killing the enemy’s Herald gives her major Meta dominance.

Support: Lulu, Janna

Providing fantastic synergy with auto-attack focused, crit-reliant Marksmen and effectively utilizing core support items, these two shield/peel champs will remain at the top of the hill. While there should be many changes to the lower list of supports, not much has changed for the top.

Top Lane Tier List For League of legends Patch 7.9

For League of Legends Patch 7.9 Tank


Carry Tier 1

Kled, Darius, Renekton, Jayce

  • High solo kill potential
  • Strong splitpush
  • Can easily get tanky
  • Wins lane

Carry Tier 1.5

Gangplank, Riven, Tryndamere, Irelia, Fizz

  • Tryndamere is a great duelist and does well with the new lifesteal focused builds
  • Riven is a great laner and snowball champion that will do well with the new build options and lack of tanks top
  • Gangplank has risky laning phase, but if you can survive it and get to skirmishes/teamfights then he is exceptional. Benefits from crit items and Sterak’s being buffed
  • Irelia+Fizz get a new build as well. Trinity Force>Sterak’s>Gargoyle Stoneplate will be Irelia’s typical start, giving her great survivabilty. This build allowes her to dive into fights, quickly do away with one of your squishy carries, then gain bonuses from Sterak’s and Gargoyle to help her survive enemy retaliation.

Carry Tier 2

Camille, Illaoi, Talon, Wukong

  • Camille and Wukong should follow the same build listed for Irelia, but they are less effective in lane, making it harder for them to reach their item spikes.
  • Death’s Dance+Sterak’s+Visage should make Illaoi much harder to deal with now. While she still lacks CC and a good gap closer, her counter-initiation is godly, and she has strong lane sustain.
  • Fewer tanks in the top lane makes lethality stronger, allowing Talon to shine.

Carry Tier 3

Quinn, Teemo, Kennen, Yorick, Lissandra

  • Basically cheese tier
  • Strong lane bully but doesn’t achieve much afterward (minus Kennen who is effective in teamfights)

Tank Tier 1

Gragas, Singed, Poppy, Shen

  • Gragas gets some very nice buffs with the sustain on Visage and the added tankiness from Gargoyle
  • Singed is still one of the best laning tanks in top and like Gragas gets nice buffs from the new tank items
  • Shen is fantastic for teamplay/crossmap play while still being capable of winning lane (think tanky Gangplank)
  • Poppy counters hard engage champs, which are highly effective in the current meta—especially in jungle

Tank Tier 2

Galio, Swain, Nasus, Olaf

  • Good at running at enemy (strong for top because of the long lane)
  • Can push lanes well
  • Strong CC

Tank Tier 3

Trundle, Nautilus, Warwick, Garen

  • Anti-tank tanks
  • Duel well in lane
  • Strong teamfighting ults but easily avoided/kited

Tank Tier 4

Malphite, Tahm Kench, Sion, Mundo, Volibear

  • Practically not worth picking

Jungle Tier List For League of Legends Patch 7.9

For League of Legends Patch 7.9 Fighter

LCS tier


  • Heavily gank and utility-oriented. Excellent for teamplay but not SoloQ
  • Ivern is the best jungler in the game if you are Diamond+
  • Unmatched clearing

Tier 1

Gragas, Nunu, Kha’Zix, Hecarim

  • Gragas received incredible buffs through itemization. Gargoyle and Visage are perfect items for him and they are extremely strong
  • Nunu shoots up the list thanks to Cinderhulk damage buffs,  which allow him to clear Raptors and Krugs much more easily. The Visage buffs give him more healing just like Gragas. Gargoyle’s main drawback is that it limits your damage, but Nunu doesn’t really care about damage. Nunu is, as always, the best objective controller in the game, so with the new Rift Herald dominating over uncoordinated teams, Nunu will do extremely well with and against it.

Tier 1.5

Amumu, Master Yi, Shyvana, Olaf, Elise

  • Amumu is basically a lesser version of Sejuani; great for teamfights and strong itemization
  • Yi and Shyvana are great lowe-lo junglers due to their strong snowball potential and ability to gain a lead just by farming a lot (which we all know is the only thing your “terrible” junglers like to do)
  • Olaf and Elise are fantastic gankers and great for getting picks when the enemy is out of position while also clearing the jungle quite efficiently.

Tier 2

Graves, Rengar, Lee Sin, Nocturne

  • Graves and Lee Sin would be much higher if my list was intended for higher elo, but in low elo these champs are typically too difficult to play to their full potential, leaving you behind the enemy jungler who chose to play a much simpler champion
  • Rengar and Nocturne are hurt by the Black Cleaver nerfs, but they’re still not bad at snowballing and tilting the enemy team. Lethality is still a strong option and they benefit from it nicely

Tier 3

Nidalee, Wukong, Warwick, Vi

  • Tank junglers being stronger gives Nidalee a fighting chance. Her main weakness is strong early skirmishers and Assassins.
  • Wukong and Vi are the weakest of the AD assassins, they would do well with the new Tri Force->Sterak’s build, but it’s more difficult when this build is delayed by a jungle item.
  • Warwick is incredible at dueling and is helped by the Visage buffs, but his kit encourages a bad playstyle (chasing for kills) and his Ult is almost a better escape than engage.

Tier 4

Galio, Shaco, Skarner, Evelyn

  • Galio and Warwick do well as anti-tank tanks; their kits naturally do well against tanks and they are also great as secondary initiation
  • Eve/Shaco are just good for cheesing; while sometimes effective, it is unreliable
  • Skarner is a weaker version of Olaf/Hecarim

Mid Tier List For League of Legends Patch 7.9

 For League of Legends Patch 7.9 Mage


LCS Tier

Leblanc, Katarina, Cassiopeia, Ryze, Taliyah

  • Too difficult/complicated for majority of players
  • All 5 are top tier in high elo
  • Reliant on high mechanics, teamplay or both

Tier 1

Syndra, Orianna, Ziggs, Xerath, Vladimir

  • Very strong laning
  • Easy to roam
  • Large teamfight impact
  • Ziggs/Xerath somewhat the counter-meta. Very good at denying roams by shoving lane to deny CS if the enemy leaves and, despite their lack of ability to roam, they can just walk half the distance and ult.

Tier 1.5

Jayce, Talon, Ekko, Lux, Zed, Gangplank

  • Large teamfight impact
  • Strong poke
  • Good solokill potential but can also easily farm
  • Talon is the weaker AD assassin, strong from Lethality

Tier 2

Kassadin, Fizz, Twisted Fate, Vel’Koz, Corki

  • Long range but more reliant on skillshots
  • Fizz/Kassadin are low due to their weak laning phase, but if they survive till 6, can snowball any matchup.

Tier 3

Anivia, Karthus, Brand, Zilean

  • Farm focused laning
  • Strong AOE teamfight capabilities
  • Anivia is a waveclear bot

Tier 4

Annie, Malzahar, Viktor, Veigar, Morgana

  • Best as counterpicks. Good teamfight potential but riskier playstyle/laning makes it harder to get to teamfight phase

Marksman Tier List For League of Legends Patch 7.9

For League of Legends Patch 7.9 Marksman

Tier 1

Lucian, Twitch, Xayah

  • Very high damage
  • High Playmaking potential
  • Survivability
  • Strong laning

Tier 1.5

Jinx, Draven, Ezreal

  • Jinx is helped a lot by the crit item buffs and will be able to hit her necessary power spikes much sooner to help in sieging and mid-game fights.
  • Infinity Edge and Bloodthirster are buffed and thus Draven is strong—especially with picks like nautilus and maokai falling out of meta.
  • Ezreal cannot use crit effectively, so he is naturally weaker anytime crit is strong.

Tier 2

Vayne, Kog’Maw, Sivir, Jhin, Miss Fortune, Varus

  • Too low range to be rated higher
  • High damage but more situational comp-wise
  • Ashe+Varus only relevant with BoTRK build, but still utility focused and thus weaker
  • Kog’Maw is one of the few champs that is actually hurt by the Runaan’s changes
  • After changes to her Q forcing her to build crit, Miss Fortune is less effective in lane. In addition, with the crit buffs her teamfighting and mid rotations should be much stronger.

Tier 3

Ashe, Tristana, Corki

  • Tristana is a hyper carry, which are just not good in the meta.

Tier Buggy

Kalista, Mordekaiser
Both these champs would be top tier if they didnt have an endless list of bugs. Pick them at your own risk, basically a 50/50 chance that your champ actually does what it’s supposed to do, if it works then you might win but if it doesnt then you auto lose

Support Tier List For League of Legends Patch 7.9

For League of Legends Patch 7.9 Support

Tier 1

Karma, Nami, Thresh, Braum, Blitzcrank

  • More defensive/disengage oriented, which is good vs the common dive comps
  • Can play several different styles

Tier 2

Sona, Bard, Morgana, Leona

  • Nobody can dodge—Morg/Leo/Bard
  • Leona is just too tanky, incredible CC and free first blood in most lanes
  • Sona/Bard are strong laners and bring big CC in teamfights

Tier 3

Brand, Malzahar, Zyra

  • Brand/Malzahar counter low elo players, free kills based on stupid opponents but relying on opponent mistakes is unfortunately not a legitamate strategy. You need to be able to be proactive as well as reactive

Tier 4

Taric, Soraka, Vel’Koz, Alistar, Tahm Kench

  • Morellos is OP in mid and damage supports build Liandry’s, both counters to healers
  • Vel’koz is the worst of the 4 mage supps
  • Alistar Countered pretty hard by damage/lane bully supps. Really, only thing he does is save backliners from cc and is a psuedo bruiser

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