Lime scooter coupon promo code

Lime scooter coupon promo code

Traverse short distances easily with a Lime scooter coupon promo code

Everyone already knows about Uber and Lyft. They’re pretty awesome, aren’t they? You pull out your phone, make the request for a ride (literally as simple as pushing a button) and the ride comes to you. You get in, they drive you to your destination, and that’s it! Oh, and if you’ve never used it before, you use an Uber coupon promo code to save some money your first time.

But what if you only need to go a mile or two? Or what if your destination isn’t even THAT far away? Keep in mind that there is a booking fee associated with summoning an Uber ride to take you somewhere. Additionally, the minimum fee is something you will be hit with regardless of whether you rack up that much in charges or not. Therefore, it’s not ALWAYS economically optimal to choose to hail a rideshare service if your destination isn’t far.

But if you have a Lime scooter coupon promo code, you can use a cheaper, more environmentally friendly alternative!

What is Lime scooter?

Think of it as a shorter-distance version of Uber, costing less and leaving less of a carbon footprint as well. A Lime scooter is just that; a motorized scooter. They can be found all over the place in the cities they serve. IN fact, if you live in a city like Los Angeles or Phoenix or New York, you have probably seen these on the side of the road before.

Using the Lime app, you scan the scooter you intend to ride, ride it wherever you want to go, then deactivate it. Once you’re done, you leave it right there. Plain and simple! And using your Lime scooter coupon promo code will save you even more if you’re a first time rider!

How do I use my Lime scooter coupon promo code?

First you will need to download the app into your smartphone. It works for both Apple and Android devices. Lime will need to verify the phone number you put in by sending you a code VIA text, and enable location features. Next step is to put in your Lime scooter coupon promo code. This is important; you can’t do it later, and it gets you extra savings. So put in your Lime scooter coupon promo code now!

Lime scooter coupon promo code
Find the closest scooter with the app’s real-time map!

The app will show you all the scooters that are close to your location. Using it is as simple as finding one, scanning it with your app to activate it, and starting your ride!

Using the scooter is very cost-effective, as well. It’s a measly $1 to activate it, and just 15 cents per minute while you ride. And when you’re done, you deactivate it with your app, and leave the scooter on the nearest curbside!

Is using a Lime scooter safe?

The device goes up to about 15 miles per hour on flat terrain. And, at that speed, there is some potential for injury. HOWEVER, if you do your part to make sure that it’s a safe ride, then the chances of having an accident are VERY small. Follow Lime’s safety guidelines, which can be found here. Always wear a helmet, go slower on crowded sidewalks, be mindful of obstacles (people, potholes etc.) and obey traffic laws. And don’t forget your Lime scooter coupon promo code. That last one isn’t a safety tip, but it does save you some money!

In conclusion

So, to recap:

  • Download the Lime app and use your Lime scooter coupon promo code
  • Find a scooter, activate it, and ride.
  • When done with the scooter, leave it curbside and deactivate it.
  • Finally: PLEASE ride safely!

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