Liquor Delivery Laws Are Important For Drizly!

liquor delivery laws

Are you new to the world of liquor? Or you are an old user of Drizly app? Then it is important to know the liquor delivery laws, which Drizly or any other beer-ordering app follows. If any employee who owns a license violates the rules and laws then they have to face the penalty. It might be possible that authorities will revoke their license. Drizly follows the liquor laws and regulations. It is important for them to supply the products in a legal manner.

ID proof for liquor delivery laws

After delivering the liquor to the user address, the deliveryman scans the id. The id identifies that the user is not underage. Underage people cannot order the liquor or any sort of wine or beer. Age requirements are important and apply to the family members.

Laws for liquor delivery

  • If anyone is of 16 years, they can deliver and sell beer, wine and liquor in its original form but in the premises of grocery stores, liquor stores or grocery stores.
  • Anyone of 18 years old can dispense ad sell the beer, wine and liquor for the consumption in clubs, bars and restaurants.
  • Anyone of 21 years old can order and deliver beer, wine and liquor for personal use.

Home delivery rules of Drizly

Anyone can avail the Drizly service because the application is free to download. The iOS and Android users can download the app easily. However, there are certain rules, which Drizly have to follow because of the home delivery service.

Permits help the delivery person to deliver liquor, beer and wine. Make sure that the alcohol must be delivered unopened and in legal areas. People age from 21 or above can order liquor for personal use. However, payment will be received at the time of order. Delivery by Drizly will only be entertain by the person who owns license. The vehicle will also be licensed.

Remember that delivery timings also vary. Drizly service is not for 24 hour. You can place the order from 6 AM to 10 Pm on Monday and Saturday and on Sunday the service will start from 8 AM till 10 PM. So what are you waiting for? Use promo code TRY954.


Download Drizly and get safe and secure service from liquor delivering app. Also, you may use the provided coupon code to get an amazing discount on the alcohol services.


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