Patch 7.11 Rundown

Patch 7.11 Rundown


Here’s the Patch 7.11 Rundown: Champion Nerfs and Buffs

0:00 – Rek’Sai adjust/buff

5:26 – Kindred buff

11:52 – Malzahar nerf

15:51 – Ahri nerf

17:25 – Caitlyn nerf

18:34 – Dr. Mundo buff

19:22 – Lee Sin buff

20:14 – Lucian nerf

21:28 – Malphite buff

22:04 – Maokai buff

24:57 – Renekton buff

25:36 – Sion buff

27:05 – Syndra nerf

28:33 – Yasuo nerf

29:37 – Zac nerf

Patch 7.11 Rundown: Item Nerfs and Buffs

32:17 – Abyssal Scepter -> Abyssal Mask

32:26 – Banshee’s Veil nerf

34:35 – Blade of the Ruined King nerf

36:50 – Ninja Tabi nerf

37:45 – Nomad’s Medallion buff

39:30 – Scoreboard Minion Kill Tracking

40:16 – 10 Ban System

41:51 – Wrap-Up

Patch 7.11 Champion nerfs/buffs descriptions

Rek’sai will no longer be a tanky jungler, these changes make her more well suited for stacking AD in her build. She will be more inclined to build things like Warrior, Black Cleaver, and Death’s Dance.

Kindred gets much more benefit from her stacks now but also doesn’t get hurt as much from being denied stacks. Her AD scaling was increased enough that she is able to still be relevant based on her gold put into items instead of being completely reliant on stacks to increase her damage.

Malzahar is changed so that his W-Voidlings are no longer spammable and he is now more reliant on his other abilities for damage. This makes him much worse at support, most likely eliminating him from that position.

Ahri has been a dominant force in the mid lane for several patches and has deserved these nerfs for a long time. Makes her a little more reliant on landing E-Charm to get damage rather than her W-Fox Fire and R-Spirit Rush

Caitlyn received very minor nerfs; her headshot passive no longer stacks quicker from using Runaan’s. Will likely result in just a build change from Runaan’s to Statikk Shiv, very slight power change.

Dr. Mundo received buffs to his AD scaling and his W damage, does not fix any core issues and likely won’t make him any stronger, more of a buff to jungle Mundo than top.

Lee Sin’s W-Safeguard was changed so that players with higher ping can use the ability on wards more consistently.

Lucian’s mana cost on Q was increased. This change makes the Essence Reaver build better than the Bork build.

Malphite gained increased armor scaling on his E.

Maokai received a lot of adjustments to his E and his passive, ultimately resulting in better scaling with HP instead of AP. This is intended to influence him to build tanky instead of like a mage resulting in his support capabilities to drift away and his top lane tank capabilities to return.

Renekton received lot’s of bug “fixes” in the last two patches, in this patch those “fixes” were reverted. The things that were changed were not actually bugs and ended up removing a lot of animation cancels, he is better now that he has them back.

Sion’s W scaling was increased and the CD was decreased.

The width of Syndra’s W was reduced, effectively changing nothing about the champion.

Yasuo can no only store charges on his Q for 6 seconds instead of the previous 10, does not impact much in-game.

The indicator on Zac’s E slingshot shows up sooner to give enemy players a better warning of when he will be flying in.

Patch 7.11 Item Changes descriptions

Banshee’s Veil price was increased as well as the MR, net decrease in value.

Blade of the ruined king (Bork) lost 5% Lifesteal.

Ninja Tabis lost 2% damage reduction.

Patch 7.11 Additional content description

The scoreboard no longer recognizes things like Elise Spiderlings or Heimerdinger turrets as CS.

10 ban system was implemented into normal games on NA server allowing each player in the game the chance to ban a champion, it will be released for ranked and other servers shortly.



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