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Your Comprehensive Guide and Resource to Becoming a Lyft Driver

We’ve all heard of Lyft. You may have even tried it. But not many think of Lyft as their next job. Some people enjoy driving. Some people feel fulfilled by helping people. Some people are great entertainers or are courteous and respectful. Why not combine all these values and become a Lyft driver today. You can do what you love and make money while doing it!

Becoming a food delivery driver is a great option for a lot of reasons. To help you sort through all the information, we’ve decided to put all the ‘need to know’ info in one place. This comprehensive guide and resource will provide you with the who, what, where, when, and why–you get the gist. We’ll even include all the requirements so you can see if you qualify to start driving for money today!

So, join us on this ride to new beginnings and lots of destinations.

Why Should You Become a Lyft Driver?

We honestly can’t provide you with information on why you are personally choosing to work with Lyft, but we can tell you all the amazing perks! So, look below to see why many people choose to work for Lyft.

Be your own boss – This one’s pretty self-explanatory, but basically, you get to control everything from your hours to your days off. No hour restrictions, no set schedule, no overbearing boss. This is also great for college kids who have odd class schedules. They can choose when they need to work, when they need to study, and when they need to just have fun.

Easy to Go on Vacation – Sometimes, it can be hard for employers to let you have time off when you need it. They rely on you to keep their business running. This is especially bad if they are short staffed. However, with Lyft, this isn’t a problem. Do you need to take a week off to go to the Caribbean with your family? You have the freedom to do that. Did your boyfriend break up with you last night, and you just need the morning off? Start working in the afternoon. Was there an unexpected death and you need to take the next two days off to go to the funeral. Do what you need to support your loved ones. No matter what happens, your job is waiting for you when you get back.

Get Your Moola Instantly – Lyft uses Express Pay. This allows you to withdraw your earning at any time! No more waiting 2 weeks for your next paycheck!

Driver Rewards – Lyft has a driver rewards program! Say what! I know. It’s amazing! They help you save on fuel, maintenance, and more with Accelerate! Once you sign up you can learn more.

Health Care Options – As a Lyft driver, you can find affordable options that work for you and your family. For more information, go here.

Reliable Earnings – The Lyft Driver app and its features help you make money you can depend on. In the next section, we will give you more details on how Lyft helps you ‘lyft’ that number in your bank account and keep it elevated.

Lyft’s Got Your Back – Lyft knows that sometimes, your car breaks down. If you have a problem, the solution is at your fingertips…literally. They give you access to help on you the Lyft drivers app.

They Support Your Education – Lyft is obviously looking out for you. According to their website, they help you, “Improve existing skills or pursue a new path with access to tuition discounts and financial aid at thousands of nonprofit universities and programs.” Now you know they are good!

How Much Do You Make As An Lyft Driver?

How much you make really depends on how often you work, what hours you drive, and a few other factors. However, Lyft helps you along the process to maximize your earning and reach your goals. What’s amazing about being a Lyft driver, is they show you when and where you’ll earn the most money driving.

Get paid instantly – As a Lyft driver, you have a few cool features available to you. Express Pay allows you to cash out whatever money you have earned any day of the week. The only requirement–earn at least $5. No more waiting two weeks for your next paycheck.

Earn Extra Cash – As a Lyft driver, you are provided with a plethora of options to help you earn more money driving. This includes Ride Challenges, Prime Time, Ride Streaks, Personal Power Zones, and more. Plus, if you refer anyone, you get extra money too!

Keep all your tips – Whatever tip is made on the Lyft driver app, you get to keep! Better service, more money. So make sure you provide quality service to your customers and wrack in the moola!

Beyond just money, Lyft provides Lyft drivers with earning tools, access to career coaches, education resources, and tax support to help you reach your goals! Once you sign up, you will be able to see all the details.

Who Can Become a Lyft Driver?

So you “hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and a cardigan…” well, that’s not quite enough to become a Lyft driver. They don’t take everyone off the street. Not even Miley Cyrus without the following requirements:

Age Requirements – Just like the drinking requirement, you must be 21 years or older to be a Lyft driver. Sorry, we know how much this (and both) requirements suck.

Smartphone – If you are looking into becoming a Lyft driver, you probably already have a smartphone. But just in case, I thought I would remind you. In order to become a Lyft driver, you have to use their app. To use their app, you need a smartphone. It’s pretty easy to connect the dots…

Vehicle – This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you want to make money driving people to their destination, you need a way of getting them there! Who would have thought! If you do not have a car, Lyft has got you covered! Lyft states three major benefits to driving a Lyft car. 1) You can get a car at any time and return it whenever you would like. 2) Insurance and standard maintenance are always included! It’s that amazing! 3)You can drive with Lyft for both business and personal use! Plus, the more you drive with Lyft, the less you pay! Lyft offers its program through Flexdrive and Hertz. However, you must be least 25 to reserve a rental. For more details on the Lyft driver vehicle program, go here.

Background Check – Just to keep everyone involved safe, Lyft requires all Lyft drivers to go through a DMV, a national, and county background check.  This does require a Social Security number and an in-state driver’s license that is at least 1 year old. But don’t worry, it’s free!

Vehicle Requirements – Besides actually having a car, you also must meet certain vehicle requirements. It must have 1) at least four external doors with proper handles, 2) at least five total seat belts, 3) You as a covered party on your car’s in-state insurance, 4) in-state license plates. You will go through a 19-point vehicle inspection. Additionally, your car must be at least a certain age depending on which state you are driving. You can check here to see your state’s requirements.

Proof of Insurance – You must have evidence of car insurance. This is part of the sign-up process. If you are using a Lyft Car, insurance is included!

Location –  If you want to work as a Lyft driver, they have to serve your area. Who would have thought! Check out the Find Your City page on their website.

Photo – To help customers identify you, you will be required to submit a photo. Tip: Make sure it’s warm and welcoming!

When Should I Drive for Lyft?

Lyft provides you with information to help you know when and where to drive to make the most money! According to the Lyft website, they provide the following services:

  1. “All available bonuses — now front and center.”
  2. “Hourly demand predictions.”
  3. “Weekly forecasts on where to find high demand — and earnings.”
  4. Plus: They’ve “extended your hourly demand predictions from one day to a full week in advance, so you can better plan your week around driving.”

How Do I Start Making Money with Lyft?

First, you have to sign up and get approved. We will take you step by step through this process below. There are 10 steps, but don’t feel overwhelmed! This may seem like a lot, but many of these steps take minutes and sometimes only seconds. It’s a super easy process. Go here, then follow the step below.

Step 1: Add your Phone Number

Step 2: Enter the following: 1) first and last name, 2) add an email you regularly check, 3) enter the city you live in, and 4) add a promo code if you have one.

Step 3: Enter your verification number. After entering your phone number, this should be sent to your phone within a few minutes.

Step 4: Submit a photo of your driver’s license.

Step 5: Consent to a Background Check.

Step 6: Consent to a Vehicle Inspection. They will give you a list of nearby locations. Then you will select a date and time for inspection.

Step 7: Submit a drivers photo.

Step 8: Upload a record of your Driver’s Inspection (after your date and time from step 6).

Step 9: Upload a picture of your vehicle’s registration.

Step 10: Upload a record of your insurance.

If you have any issues, go here to submit a help request with Lyft.

See, we told you it wasn’t that hard! Once you finish all their required steps and get approved as a driver, look at the next section of steps. You got this!


Now that you have created your account, now you just have to start using it! See the steps below to get started.

Step 1: Get the App

Get the Lyft Drivers App on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Just type in “Lyft Driver” in the search engine.

Step 2: Accept Your First Ride

Once you download the app, log in and accept your first ride! The app makes this step very straight forward!

Step 3: Get Paid

Once you finish a ride, you can start cashing out!

And… you did it! You’re making money as a Lyft driver. Don’t you love it! Keep driving and keep making the moola!

Conclusions on Lyft Delivery Driving

So, is Lyft driving your next job? We hope so! We hope this information helped you figure it out.

Get ready to start this new road trip with lots of money making destinations.

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