Is going to college on a video game scholarship worth it? We asked NA LCS Caster MarkZ!

Nick “DiscoSheep” Geracie is joined by Mark “TheeMarkZ” Zimmerman following the conclusion of the 2017 League of Legends College Championship.

0:00 – Initial take away from the LoL Collegiate Finals
0:28 – University of Toronto’s draft phase
1:22 – The skill level of College LoL
2:50 – Comparing the Infrastructure of College LoL and Pro LoL
3:42 – The Future of College LoL
4:39 – College Player to Pro Player Transition
5:46 – College eSports’ potential effect on career longevity
6:20 – Blame Game: College Edition

MarkZ is a trusted opinion in the NA LCS scene, and for good reason.  He has been a coach and analyst for Team Liquid, a team consultant, a League of Legends desk analyst, a youtube content creator, and most recently, the uLoL color caster.  Following the conclusion of the League of Legends Collegiate Championship, MarkZ talked about where he thinks college eSports is headed and its impact on players pursuing competitive video game careers.

“You don’t want to go graduate high school, not go to college, and go all-in on living in a gaming house with 5 other dudes and be like “that’s hopefully my life!”, said MarkZ, laughing,  “With the collegiate scene, you have a more stable way of experimenting and seeing if it’s right for you.”


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