MikeYeung on his LCS debut, P1’s early struggles, and going pro straight out of high school

P1 MikeYeung Interview | NA LCS Debut | NA LCS Week 3 2017 Summer Split

Mike “MikeYeung” Yeung joins Nick “DiscoSheep” Geracie following his first weekend of LCS play with Phoenix 1.

0:00 – Reflection on first LCS weekend
0:33 – Nerves
1:11 – Technical Pause in Debut Game
1:48 – Playing with P1’s Veterans
2:24 – Finding the positives in a loss/team morale
3:05 – Maintaining Challenger during high school
4:29 – Shaking off rust and ramping up to form
5:04 – Advice to those looking to go pro
5:31 – Addressing the P1 fans
6:05 – Rookie of the Split

MikeYeung debuted in the jungle for Phoenix1 this week following a rough start to the Season 7 NALCS Summer Split for the boys in orange.  Despite a top 3 finish in the NA LCS Spring Split just a few months ago, Phoenix1 has been a mess, unable to win a single series and sitting in last place at 0-6.

Noh “Arrow” Dong-hyeon looks nothing like the player that won the Spring Split MVP earlier this year, and Derek “Zig” Shao has come crashing back to Earth after an impressive start on the year.

Looking to mix things up, P1 announced MikeYeung would be starting in the jungle on Week 3 Day 2 of the NALCS Summer Split, 6/17/17.  MikeYeung has been a Challenger-tier player in solo queue since he was 13, and graduated from high school on Friday.

Despite an 0-2 week, MikeYeung impressed from the jungle, managing a 4.1 KDA with 77% kill participation.  Playing three games on Lee Sin and one on Kha’Zix, MikeYeung showed he’s not afraid he can go toe to toe with any jungler in the league, handily outjungling Josh “Dardoch” Hartnett in P1’s 2-1 loss to Counter Logic Gaming.

To properly balance maintaining Challenger status in North America throughout all of high school, MikeYeung would take long breaks up to half a year.

When asked for advice on other people trying to become professional League of Legends players straight out of highschool, MikeYeung emphasized the importance of making a positive impression on competitive professionals in solo queue.

“I think the best thing to do is keep a positive mentality going into solo queue because you can run into a lot of pros there, and having a really good impression on the pros allows you have better chances to get better interactions with teams.” 

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