MU Prototype on working with coaches, exhaust on ADC, and how he’s changed throughout his career.

Maryville University AD Carry Marko “Prototype” Sosnicki joins Nick “DiscoSheep” Geracie following a 3-0 sweep of Robert Morris University to move on to the LoL Collegiate Championship Finals.

This interview was recorded on May 27, 2017.

0:00 – MU going to the finals
0:28 – Bouncing back from rough individual performances
1:14 – Kled
2:12 – Exhaust on AD Carry
2:40 – Final 5 and the Challenger Scene
4:27 – Working with Macro Coaches
5:40 – Difference in Challenger Series infrastructure and College
6:57 – Tournament Mentality and Competitive Fortitude
8:00 – Closing Statements and Thank You’s


Prototype, known for his distinct hypercarry style, began to gain notoriety for his play in the Challenger series with Final 5 on their way to the Season 5 NALCS Promotion Tournament. He gained much acclaim – and criticism – for his unique style of running exhaust on ADC instead of heal, as well as only sticking to Vayne, Jinx, and Caitlyn as his champion picks.

Prototype has grown as a player since joining Maryville University in the uLoL scene, but as we saw at the 2017 League of Legends Collegiate Championship, his style hasn’t changed a bit.

Maryville University doesn’t seem to mind, however. They seem content with allowing Top Laner Tony “Saskio” Chau and Jungler Cody “Walrus” Altman to dictate the pace of the game. ¬†With Mid Laner Andrew “CKG” Smith [formerly known as “Cack God”] playing more of a control style, Prototype and support John “Papa Chau” Le seem content with playing cleanup in the late game if they don’t stomp lane early.

Prototype has worked to develop other aspects of his game, working with current eUnited coach Tadayoshi “Hermit” Littleton on macro play and various strategic scenarios in an effort to become a player whose brain matches his mechanics.

“When I started working with Hermit, it really opened my eyes to how important a coach is.”

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