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The Story of Mulan

Mulan ASMR The Biography of Great Warrior Princess: Once upon a time, in the mystical land of Ancient China, there lived a little girl who we all know today as the great warrior princess, Mulan.

If you’re only familiar with Mulan through the Disney movie, then prepare to be amazed as this is the real deal! How did this brave girl transform into a legendary warrior princess? How come she decided to go fight in the army? Did she really defy tradition the way they say? Did she really have a sister? And does Mulan actually exist at all, or is she just a powerful and inspirational story…?

It’s time for me to answer all these questions and more since this is ASMR Aaron back at it again with another daily video to help you relax. So, lay back and enjoy the ride. I hope this video gets you through your day or even better I hope this read helps you gently fall asleep. I can’t wait to get started. This is the tale of Princess Mulan…

Once upon a time there was a little girl who went by the name of Hua Mulan. It translates as “Wood Orchid” and some say it means “Magnolia”. What time did she live in? No-one is sure, as there are different versions. It’s believed she lived between 420 – 589 CE, the time of the great Northern and Southern dynasties. The stories about her follow a similar path, with her life at home interrupted by an oncoming war. In the original poem “Ballad of Mulan” from the 6th century this was a battle between the Tuoba and the Rouran. The Tuoba were a clan who established the unifying Northern Wei dynasty. Young Mulan was part of the Tuoba, facing an invasion by the Rouran. Mulan realized the male members of her family weren’t cut out for military duty. Her father was elderly and ill and her brother was too young. So the brave Mulan took the unconventional decision to serve herself, disguised as a boy.

It was a major move but Mulan wasn’t as defenceless as she seemed. When she signed up, she already knew kick ass stuff like martial arts, sword handling and archery. She really sounds like a Princess of Power! In the Ballad, she spent an extraordinary 12 years in the army with no-one suspecting she was a girl. Mulan finally revealed herself long after the end of her service. She even turned down a higher rank – all she wanted to do was jump on her camel and go home. Mulan was selfless and not afraid to challenge convention to protect both her family and her country.

That’s the fairy tale version, or rather the happier take on Mulan’s life story. She didn’t exactly have a great time fighting the Rouran but she made it out of there alive. Other Mulan stories go in a whole other direction. Another major work that features Mulan is the Sui Tang Romance from 1695. This placed our warrior princess in another time, between 603 and 619. She fought for the ruler Heshana Khan, but in the process was captured by the soldiers of King and rebel leader Dou Jiande.

There Mulan met his royal daughter Xianniang and they become close friends, so close in fact they formed an eternal and sisterly bond known as “laotong”. This sounds happy enough but sadly Mulan does not live Happily Ever After in the Sui Tang Romance. It looks as if all might be well, however poor Mulan discovers her father has died and her mother has since gotten hitched to someone else. Then Khan informs her she is to be his concubine, at which point Mulan commits suicide. Pretty bleak stuff but certainly not what many of the legends of Mulan state.

The Disney movie from 1998 brought audiences the classic tale, complete with star voices such as Eddie Murphy and also songs, as you might expect from the House of Mouse. This touch of Disney magic would have been most people’s first experience of the Mulan story. Unfortunately it didn’t perform well in the Chinese market. The release was heavily delayed because of previous tensions between Disney and the Chinese government.

Controversy happened in Turkey, where its Nationalist Movement Party gravely objected to the movie’s portrayal of their ancestors the Xiongnu. The Disney classic is receiving the live action treatment but still, changes had to be made for modern audiences. One of the big ones was the character of Li Shang, who is Mulan’s military commander. In 1998 it was cool for this Prince of sorts to romance Mulan, once her identity as a Princess had been revealed. The 2020 version removes Li Shang and moves his character traits to other people. Stuff like this aside, the script is said to follow the same basic plot as the animated film.

The Chinese made their own live action Mulan movie in 2009. Among the cast were Zhao Wei and Michelle Yeoh and, as you can imagine, it took care to be very different to the Disney release. Mulan appeared as a character in the hit TV show Once Upon A Time. If this was maybe a little strange for Chinese audiences, then who knows what they thought about Deadpool Killustrated, a Marvel comic book from 2013 that saw her and others trying to stop Deadpool killing literary characters!

A video about Prince Deadpool would be kinda fun, but that’s a whole other story…

Away from the big screen, in fact away from planet Earth altogether, there’s a crater on Venus that bears the name of Hua Mulan. Mulan’s status as a powerful woman got her the gig for this most female of planets. And what better way to celebrate a Princess on Earth than to place her name amongst the stars?

Mulan was a Princess to be reckoned with. Although it’s tricky trying to work out exactly who she was and where she lived, one thing’s for sure. Thanks to the many stories, movies and shows about her, she’s going to live on as a Princess for the ages. In that sense at least, she gets her Happily Ever After…

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