Why You Need to Rush Blade of the Ruined King

Lucian Splash Blade of the Ruined King

Why the Buffs to Blade of the Ruined King make it a must buy for ADCs. This is being displayed in pro play, which points to where the meta is for the bot lane. Join the train and get some juicy freelo rushing this item!

Blade of the Way-Too-Powerful Ruined King

Ever since the assassin changes at the beginning of Season 7, ADCs have been unable to make a significant impact in games. They were mainly used to provide utility and nothing more, leaving the damage to the mid laner and even the support (I’m talking to you, Malzahar). Recent changes the Blade of the Ruined King along with nerfs to assassin items means ADCs can finally have a larger influence to carry again.

In the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split Playoffs on April 8th, Phoenix1 defeated Team Dignitas in a quick three game sweep to advance to the semifinals against Cloud9. What stood out was P1’s Noh “Arrow” Dong-Hyeon’s first completed item in every single game was Blade of the Ruined King. In fact, he was not just building it on Ashe, which is to be expected, but on Caitlyn as you can see below here from Game 3:

P1 Arrow’s Starting Caitlyn Build

Caitlyn Build Blade of the Ruined King

…And even Ezreal right after Tear of the Goddess in Game 2:

P1 Arrow’s Starting Ezreal Build

Ezreal Build Blade of the Ruined King

Back in Season 6 when Lethality or Armor Penetration builds were overpowered, Riot “Meddler” stated that when items are forced onto champions that wouldn’t normally build it, then you know it may be a little too strong. Right now we are seeing the same happening with BotRK, but why is this such a good item right now?

The Stats

Back in Patch 7.4, Blade of the Ruined King received a change that took it from 25 to 45 AD, 10 to 15 Lifesteal, 10 to 15 On-Hit Damage, but dropped the attack speed from 40 to 25 Percent.
This means rushing BotRK has a bigger spike in damage for the midgame and choosing this item gives an ADC much better survivability than an Infinity Edge because of the Lifesteal.

What Does This Mean?

Popular champions like Jhin who build Crit are not as effective picks. Since they cannot build BotRK, it will be hard trying to get kills in lane against the enemy ADC and struggle to survive in larger fights to output damage. The good news is most ADCs can implement it as a first item rush.

Lucian Splash Blade of the Ruined King

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Lucian is considered one of the, if not the best ADC in SoloQ, and for good reasons. He has strong burst damage and in lane cannot be punished hard for going for an aggressive trade. While he does not offer the utility of other ADCs, Lucian has the ability to hard carry games due to his 1v1 potential. His mobility makes him difficult to catch and moves throughout fights with ease. Blade of the Ruined King makes his mid-game much better since he can fight effectively to shred tanks and do tons of damage. The most popular build right now is BotRK into Black Cleaver then Crit, with boots either Ninja Tabis or Berserker’s Greaves.

The Best Champions

To get that juicy ELO, what ADCs are the best abusers of this item?

Right now, Lucian and Ezreal are excellent because of two key factors: their mobility and burst damage. These champions can quickly kill a target, and get out safer than the likes of Ashe or Varus. If your team is lacking the CC however, choosing Caitlyn, Ashe, or Varus might be a better option. Even Jinx, with recent buffs, is able to rush BotRK and becoming more popular to be a monster late game, but make it through the rough earlier part with this item.

Even if you struggle with trading in lane, rushing Blade of the Ruined King and getting that lifesteal will save bad trades. The ADC role has been in a bad spot for a while sporting the “ADC in 2017” meme, but now everything is different. This item is a must buy and will definitely benefit you in winning more of your games.


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