Too Long; Didn’t Rune: New Rune System and a New Honor System! How is LoL About to Change?

New Rune System | New Honor System

Our cries of “Rito Plz” have been heard once again. After a year full of meme-breaking updates like the Practice Tool and a Replay System, Riot Games is back with a forecast of a new Rune System and new Honor System.

New Rune System: Runes Reforged

After several years of shelling out your hard-earned IP for those sweet Experience Quintessences, you can finally kiss the entire Runes and Masteries system goodbye. The new Rune System, which will ship in Preseason 8, simplifies your entire Runes and Masteries set up into a few easy choices.

New Rune System

The current Runes and Masteries setup consists of 60 individual choices. While only a few setups are typically meta at a given time, the permutations are essentially infinite. The new Rune System cuts 60 choices down to just seven. This means that we will now be able to edit our Rune Pages in Champ Select!

We’ll have our choice of one Keystone Rune, one Greater Rune, and four Minor Runes.

The top-right slot above (labled “Lorem Ipsum”) could be anything. Based on the small amount of non-lorem ipsum text there, we suspect this slot will increase your ability power or physical damage. If correct, this could also have a “hybrid” selection, which champions like Kayle, Jax, and some supports would love.

Runes no Longer Cost IP

Under the new Rune System, we no longer have to spend IP to buy Runes and Rune Pages. That’s right—no more hard decisions about your 6th Zed Rune Page or a brand new champion!

Even better, Riot hinted that players who have sunk tens of thousands of IP into the current Rune System will be compensated in some way. Details to come, and you bet your bottom dollar our ears are perked.

New Rune Keystones

We’re keeping the Keystone concept, but the new Keystone Runes are going to be MUCH stronger. We got a few previews from Riot, including:

Keystone Rune: Berserk

New Rune System | New Keystone Rune | Berserk Keystone Rune

After you’ve been in combat for a few seconds, get a 60% Attack Speed boost and temporarily increase your Attack Speed Cap.

You read that right—ADCs will now be able to go over 2.5 attacks/second! A few melee autoattackers—such as Yi, Tryndamere, and Yasuo—might also love this.

Keystone Rune: Perxie

New Rune System | New Keystone Runes | Perxie Keystone Rune

This adorable, support-oriented Keystone Rune gives any champion a pet. You can use Perxie (presumably on a cooldown) to either shield allies or enhance your damage against enemies. Hopefully, you can also pet and feed her too!

New Greater Runes: Overheal

We only got to see one of the new Greater Runes in the preview, Overheal:

New Rune System | New Greater Rune | Overheal Greater Rune

Overheal allows incoming healing past your maximum health to be converted into a shield. This will be killer on champions like Mundo (imagine being able to pop ult when you’re still full health!). It’s also an example of Runes now being able to strategically shift based on your team comp. This could be a plausible rune choice for an ADC if your support were Soraka or Nami.

New Rune System: Too Long; Didn’t Rune

The new Keystones will be extremely OP. Runes don’t cost IP, and you can edit them in Champ Select. Riot will compensate players who’ve already spent tons on Runes. Also, supports get a cute pet!

New Honor System: Post-Game Honor and Rewards

The new Honor System is going to look a lot like Overwatch’s, with some added perks.

Honoring your teammates now occurs between the end of game and the post-game lobby. In lobby, you can see how many teammates honored you. Players that got three or more honors will be visible to everyone.

You will choose from three options (there is currently no way to honor opponents, but that is coming, so stay tuned!):

New Honor System | Great Shotcalling Honor | GG Honor | Stayed Calm Honor


Post-Game and Rewards

Three honors or more grants a special icon in the post-game lobby under the new honor system.

In addition, players will now have an Honor Level from 1-5 displayed on their profile. It looks like honors from your premade partners will weigh less heavily in ranking up your Honor Level.

Reaching Honor Level 5 will unlock exclusive rewards—probably skins, summoner icons, or chromas. Key fragments will be dropped based on honors as well!

Your Honor Level will also grant flair in the load screen. You can lose Honor Levels by being reported.

Overall, we’re very pleased with the new direction the Rune System is going in. League players everywhere eagerly awaited the new Honor System and looks like it’s going to deliver. What kind of Honor are you most excited  for? Let us know in the comments!

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