Patch Notes 8.17 Rundown

This article will clarify the buffs and nerfs to the game every patch to help you understand how they affect the game.

The best change this patch is that we get to keep nexus blitz!! Personally my favorite game mode other than soloq so I highly recommend you all go play it while it’s out.


Reworks: Nunu & Willump

Nunu was reworked on this patch with the intention of updating his kit to make him more viable with and against other current champions. Now his kit provides hard CC through his E and his W and they allowed him to keep the thematic of his Q and R. Slight changes to his Q now allow him to Consume champions! He can roll around with the biggest snowball ever to gank lanes or to go between camps.

Buffs: Annie

Annie’s auto attack range was increased to 625 giving her the 3rd highest natural auto attack range behind Caitlyn and Tristana. Last season her auto attack range was nerfed so this brings her back to her previous power. Longer Auto attack range makes it easier for her to harass her opponent and farm in lane and brings her up on the tier list.


Bard is a very powerful play making support champion, always very popular especially with the likes of Aphromoo in the LCS, with a reduced cool down on his ultimate ability meaning he can make big plays more often.


A powerful split pusher and duelist, Fiora scales very well into the later portions of the game. Increasing the crit damage on her E makes her stronger in 1v1s and extended fights. Having higher damage in the early game will allow her to win lane faster.


Going against the classic “better nerf irelia”. Irelia received buffs to her Q letting her do more damage to minions and making it easier to get resets to combo enemy champions.


A classic World’s champion, it’s easy to predict buffs to Kassadin nearing November. With a lower cool down on his R in the early game it makes it easier for him to get the ball rolling and start gaining leads from lane phase.


Famous for his “wall hacking” and very high mobility, Kayn is a popular assassin. His E was buffed to allow him to do just that even more. Now he runs faster through walls and can do it for longer periods of time.

Master Yi

A very strong hyper carry jungler who builds on-hit damage to maximize his carry potential. He doesn’t reliably build Cool Down Reduction (CDR) so it’s very beneficial for him to get a reduced cool down on his W and it now reduces more damage.


A terrifying assassin jungler that always dominates Olympic Elo when he is strong. Now with a lower cooldown on his ultimate he can easily pick up more kills early on in the game to snowball the rest of the game.



Nerfs: Garen

One of the strongest champions in the game right now and definitely deserving of nerfs. Although these nerfs don’t really hit the strongest parts of his kit it does help to take some power away from him. Still keeping his silence, now at least his Q will do a little less damage.




An extremely strong poke marksmen focused on either high DPS or building lethality to chunk enemies out with his Q. Varus had his base HP lowered to make it a bit easier to kill him once you finally get on top of him.




Yorick is a devastating low elo splitpusher. A lot of his strength comes from his mist walkers, which deal a very high amount of damage if you let them. Yorick is not very easy to play against in lane, which means he can quickly start to snowball and take over the side lanes after destroying the turret in his own lane. Nerfing his mist walker’s damage will help to prevent this.



Items: Duskblade

The staple assassin item. Almost every high mobility, melee Attack Damage champ wants to build it; and due to this popularity it needed to be nerfed. Less damage on the actual proc and a bit more lethality means it is still a strong item to build. It can’t be abused as easily by champions like kha zix or wukong that can go invisible.




Prior to this change stormrazor was undeniably the strongest item in the game. ADCs were strong especially the likes of Kaisa who want to quickly get an advantage and start snowballing. Not quite a buff or a nerf, just an adjustment. The overall gold efficiency of the item increased but the passive damage was lowered a little for the early game. Once you finish your zeal item then the damage is the same but the main worry is losing 5 AD