Postmates Promo Code: POSTMATESQVCT

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How a Postmates promo code can help you

Delivery can become much easier, with the use of a Postmates promo code. Postmates is a website or smartphone app-based delivery system which enables the user to get just about any item they want delivered in under an hour. Headquartered in San Francisco, Postmates was started on March 2011 and now serves many areas in the United States, and has attracted several investors including Matrix Partners, Spark Capital and David Sacks.
Once you have your Postmates promo code, download the Postmates smartphone app. You can either key in your location or you can enable Postmates to have access to your location. Postmates will then present you with not just a list of restaurants in your area, but several sub-categories as well ($4.99 favorites, healthy bites, what’s hot, etc.) You can also search for a specific restaurant in the search icon at the top of the screen. Choose a restaurant, and Postmates will bring up their takeout menu. Choose which items you want, and how many you want. Once you sign up, then you pay for your order (this would be the part where you use your Postmates promo code!) Postmates then sends someone to complete your delivery, and usual wait times are anywhere between thirty minutes to an hour.

Of course, you can get more than just food by using Postmates delivery. In the app’s category menu, choose ‘The Essentials’ category. Postmates will present you with a selection of grocery stores, clothing stores and others in your location. Push the one you want, then either browse their categories to find what you need or type it directly using ‘add a custom order.’ Payment is done the same way it is when you use Postmates to order food.

You can use postmates to have items delivered to your place of work as well, or anywhere else really. You can even use it to have something delivered to someone else. So use your Postmates promo code now and experience the convenience of on-demand delivery for yourself!

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