Rank 1 Révenge Interview | Why He Decided to Not Go Pro | Howla eSports


Time Stamps:

0:00 – Intro/League of Legends career

2:04 –  Top Lane Tanks and Scrims

3:17  –  NA Solo Queue

5:02  –  Climbing the Ladder as a Top Laner

6:42  –  The Lack of Job Security in eSports

8:51   –  Why Révenge chose an alternative to Professional LoL

10:23 –  Collegiate League of Legends

11:15   – Apologies, Thank You’s, and Closing Statements


Of all of the North American solo queue stars, Révenge may be the player with the most promising future for a professional League of Legends career.  Révenge dominated the League of Legends NA Challenger ladder, holding the #1 position for 9 straight weeks.  He even held the #3 position on an alternative account for a few weeks simultaneously, sitting above a 70% winrate across both accounts.   Révenge has kept the interest of several NA LCS teams this spring, even fielding scrims with certain squads in his primary role of top lane.

And yet, he’s decided to hang up any notion of a professional League of Legends career.

Nick “DiscoSheep” Geracie sat down with Révenge to discuss the solo queue climate of North American League of Legends and his plans for the future.





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