Robinhood coupon promo code

Robinhood coupon promo codeEnter the profitable game of investing with your Robinhood coupon promo code!


To many, the stock market seems like one big, giant casino. Making the right moves and playing with the right options can make you some BIG money (some people make a living doing nothing but investing.) But betting on a loser can be a big hit to your wallet. Regardless, the allure of the stock market has captured the imagination of America, time and time again. 

But it always seems pretty intimidating to enter the market. This is especially true if you don’t know the first thing about investing your money. Not only that, but there’s one thing that always turned lots of people off from it: commissions. Who wants to PAY for the possibility of failure?!

Well, now there’s a better way. By using your RobinHood coupon promo code, you can start investing your money today…commission free! Furthermore, your Robinhood coupon promo code will get you one FREE stock!

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Setting it up

  • Click here to redeem your Robinhood coupon promo code. You will be directed to begin setting up your profile. You can also download the app, available for Apple and Android.
  • Set up your profile. This includes your name, birthdate, phone number, address and such. Keep in mind that, as a company dealing with stocks, Robinhood is required by the government to have your social security number as well.
  • You also have to give them your bank info. This is so you can buy the stocks you wish to purchase. Don’t forget to enter your Robinhood coupon promo code!
  • That’s it! You are then ready to start investing!

Why should I use Robinhood instead of other trading apps?

As it says on their own website, Robinhood is designed for both trading dynamos and newcomers alike. So no matter what sort of person you are, you will be able to use it to invest. It lets you see how your portfolio is doing, so you can adjust your game as you go.  And the Robinhood coupon promo code gives you a win right away!

But the biggest edge it has over other stock trading venues is the absence of commissions. Having to pay for a broker to handle a trade even if there’s a possibility of losing sucked before, and it sucks now. That’s why Robinhood’s biggest advantage is commission-free trading. Other apps, such as Etrade, charge commissions for trades. Plus the free share from the Robinhood coupon promo code!

Robinhood coupon promo code
“If limiting costs is your No. 1 concern, Robinhood is a solid choice” – Nerdwallet

Robinhood isn’t just commission-free, but easy to use!

However, there is also the app itself. It’s very easy to use, whether your intention is to be a day trader, or a long-term investor. Right there on the homepage, you will be able to see some popular stocks, and how well they’re doing. If you’re a more casual investor, this allows you to get information quickly and figure out what you want to do. And if you used your Robinhood coupon promo code, you might already be holding on to one of these stocks!

What kind of stock does the Robinhood coupon promo code get me?

There’s no way of knowing for sure what you will get. But according to their website you can get Apple, or even Ford! Apple is currently trading at over $181 per share. That would be QUITE a freebie for the Robinhood coupon promo code!

Robinhood coupon promo code

Selecting a particular stock will give you more details on it’s performance. This includes things like the opening price, the high and low for the day, the market cap, and more. It’s a lot of the things you’d want to know about it, right in front of you on one screen. From there, it’s just making the decision whether you want to buy or not. And especially keep an eye on the stock you got from your Robinhood coupon promo code!

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Robinhood is true to it’s name; taking the power of stock-trading and giving it back to normal people. And the Robinhood coupon promo code lets you do so with a free stock to start with! And if you liked that article, look at some of our other spectacular how-tos and deals on HOWLA! We have coupon promo codes for rideshare, food delivery, scooter rentals, on-demand alcohol delivery and so much more!

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