Rogue’s LEC Upset Over Splyce Changes Battle for LEC Third Seed at Worlds 2019

Team Rogue’s LEC upset over third Splyce in the LEC 2019 Summer Quarterfinals makes the race for third seed at Worlds 2019 interesting. The 10th place team in LEC Spring is en route to make an unexpected trip to Athens. In need of one more win over Schalke 04 next week, Rogue can not rest easy yet. Even after their amazing series against Splyce, Rogue do not have a safety net. This team is still dancing on a knife’s edge due to not qualifying for playoff’s in spring.

And due to the new LEC gauntlet change, Rogue’s next series against Schalke will be a season ender for one of these teams. Unlike last year where teams ranked 3rd to 6th qualify for the LEC Regional Qualifiers, the 6th seeded team no longer gains entry into that gauntlet.

Instead, that team will be replaced by the second seeded team in championship points. This new format is both good and bad for the rising Rogue. The team now has an oppurtunity to skip play-ins if they do not win the split. Now, if they win the gauntlet, they can represent Europe as the second seed. However, the possibility of not even qualifying for the gauntlet after finishing top 4 is still a scary proposition.

Rogue’s LEC upset puts the team in a position to possibly represent Europe at Worlds 2019. A win over Schalke means Rogue need one best of five to qualify for Worlds. A loss to Schalke means the end of a miracle run for the former Academy squad. With implication’s high, Rogue will need to play towards a set of win conditions if they want to win against Schalke 04.

Rogue Bumpy Spring Season

Rogue finished the 2019 LEC Summer Season 5th with a 7-11 record, a vast change from their 2-16 record in spring. However, this is a completely different lineup. The changes are as apparent as one could imagine. Only Profit from their LEC Spring lineup played games and even then, he was a sub to Finn. This lineup looks and plays more slow and effective. Instead of just losing from the start, laning goes well. These players are all mechanically adept and can challenge top teams on off days. If a team plays too slow, they can read an opponent and be on the aggressive.

Schalke 04 Teamstyle

Schalke 04 are a very consistent team in the LEC. Part of why this team achieved 4th in the regular season is because of their calculated playstyle. While not a slower team like Splyce, Schalke loves to prioritize objective control. No team loves objectives more than Schalke 04. This playstyle is largely in part to jungler Trick’s priority to objective control.

His early game presence will normally revolve around the bottom side of the map, leaving Odoamne to fend for himself. Schalke 04 have found their success through this strategy. Odoamne is reliable at handling pressure and mitigating damage while his other lanes are able to develop.

How Rogue Counter

Rogue’s top laner Finn is one of the team’s primary carries. The team has found a lot of success off the back of his amazing performances with carry top laners. However, Odoamne is known for eating up pressure. Putting priority towards midlaner Larssen might be better in their semifinals series.

Finn is a top laner that struggles to maintain CS leads at 15 minutes. While he is given a lot of resources to succeed, he more often than not does not culminate that into CS differentials. While it is not the biggest deal as he is able to carry teamfights, it is still something to note. Odoamne will be able to eat up the pressure placed on him and could stop the young Swedish top laner from doing further damage.


Rogue pose a good chance to beat Schalke 04 because of the mismatch in playstyles. Vander and Woolite are the two most seasoned players on this young Rogue lineup. They will be able to mitigate the constant pressure around Upset and Ignar.

This Rogue team is growing at a rising rate. Since the decision to have Finn as the primary top laner, the team has looked amazing. The constant underdogs, this team is looking to create a narrative off of Rogue’s LEC upset.

Rogue have an opportunity to make the world championships. This iteration of Rogue has a win over Schalke 04. A win here knocks out their biggest opponent in that gauntlet. From 10th in spring, the idea of that is insane. The five man overhaul from spring to summer was an incredible risk, but it worked. Regardless of the results, Rogue now have something to build off of. Whether this team wins against Schalke 04 or not, nobody will forget about Rogue’s LEC Upset over Splyce. Rogue’s LEC upset changes the way we view the gauntlet. What once was Splyce being the favorites to obtain third seed is now up in the air. That sentiment makes the future gauntlet exciting.

Until then, the semifinals against Rogue and Schalke 04 will take place on Saturday.

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