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SiteLock is a service that is sold by a lot of popular hosts.  A lot of them have licensing deals with SiteLock. Hostgator, GreenGeeks (save 35% on hosting plans) and also Go Daddy are two hosting services partnered with SiteLock.  So, there is a good chance you have heard of them before.  Maybe your website has been hacked, or your host has notified you that your account has also been suspended.  Typically, they require you to purchase SiteLock to help safeguard your files.  Should you hurry up and purchase SiteLock or is it just a waste of money?  In this article I hope to teach you everything you need to know about SiteLock; then you can decide if it’s right for your website or not.

Pros & Cons of SiteLock


  • Daily malware scans.
  • Automatic malware removal.
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF).
  • Remove you from a blacklist.
  • DDoS attack protection.
  • Website acceleration.
  • PCI compliant.
  • Builds trust between your customers and your website.


  • Monthly or yearly fee.
  • Nothing you can’t do on your own with the right know how.

How Does it Work?

You sign up through their website, or your web hosting company will send you a link to sign up with them.  The process of integrating to SiteLock on your website takes up to 24 hours to install.  You will get a notification whenever there is a problem.  Notifications will be emailed to your inbox.  You can go right to SiteLock’s product page and learn more about the process.  But you are paying for site scans, backups, DDoS protection, malware removal, and a seal to build trust between your website and your customers.

Malware Removal

MalwareYour website is scanned once a day automatically.  Think of it as an anti-virus service for your web server.  SiteLock uses something called “SiteLock911 scans.”  What this does is scan all your files on your server to see if there is any malware injected into them.  If any files are corrupted SiteLock will download them and also reupload your data.  It sounds like a simple process for safeguarding your data, but as you will see it isn’t that black and white.


I’m not going to argue the fact that websites getting hacked aren’t a big problem.  But, some host does get hacked more frequently than another host.  I have worked on dozens of sites over they years and seen the ugly world of hackers.   A lot of webmasters don’t know that they are hacked until they get a message from Google or someone points it out. For me, since I use the WordPress platform exclusively I have written an article on checking WordPress for malware.

Does it really work?

Yes, SiteLock does work, and over 5 million websites have installed SiteLock on their website.  I do encourage you to keep reading about SiteLock because I am going to show you why you don’t need this service, though.

SiteLock Verdict

SiteLock is a great tool for those with no background in server maintenance or security. In fact we use SiteLock on the server this website is hosted on! We recommend giving it a try because when it comes down to it – nothing is more important than the security of your digital assets.

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